Find Out About Drug Abuse Signs

June 2, 2012 0 Comments

By Nabeel Shaukat

Different drugs have different reactions on the bodies of the drug users, drug abusers and addicts. We will discuss few of the most common signs of drug abuse. If you find following signs and symptoms of drug addiction or abuse, you should thinkg of seeking help.

General symptoms and signs of drug abuse:

Neglecting duties:

One of the common signs of drug abuse includes carelessness towards duties. You start to abandon your duties at your office, home, or school. For instance you start to skip your classes, neglect your kids, and stop paying attention to your work.

Taking Risks:

Another common sign of drug abuse is taking unnecessary risks and taking drugs under dangerous circumstances for example having unsafe sex, driving under influence, and reusing dirty needles for injection.

Having problem with the law:

You [start to have problems with the law. You get into legal troubles due to your drug abuse. For instance you get caught by police for disorderly conduct, driving while under influence, stealing to support your habit of drug abuse.

Having problems with relationships:

Another early symptom of drug abuse is having problems with your relationships. You might start to have comflicts with your old friends, parents, colleagues, family members and people around you.

Common signs and symptoms of drug addiction:

After having discussed the effects of drug abuse, we will now discuss the signs and symptoms of drug addiction. Following are some of the common signs of drug addiction.

Your body’s tolerance towards the drugs has increased. Therefore you have to take more amount of the drug to experience the same reactions you used to feel with smaller quantities.

If you avoid the drugs for a extended period, you start to feel signs such as nausea, insomnia, restlessness, depression, anxiety, shaiking, and sweating.

You have become powerless about the use of drugs. You feel powerless to stop using the drugs even when you decide to stay away from them. You begin to use drugs in more quantity or more often than you have planned.

You have discarded the things you used to enjoy such as hobbies, sports, and socializing.

Problems such as infections, blackouts, depression, paranoia, and mood swings show up and cause problems for you, but you do not stop to use drugs despite knowing that you are causing harm to yourself.

Signs of drug abuse do not get revealed and an addict cannot see himself going near to death day by day. This disease gets disclosed to them when they see drug abuse effects. It’s very important for us to save our people from this hell. Every such person must take help from Rehab centers as they can sure treat them.

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