Finding An Effective Detox Diet Plan

June 23, 2012 0 Comments

Detox diets have been around for decades but only in the last few years have they been recognised as an effective aid to losing weight. There are lots of things to consider before starting any kind of detox regime, not least which of the huge amount of detox diets available do you want to try. So to help you get started here’s a simple and helpful guide to using detox for healthy weight loss.

What are detox diets?

Detox diets are sometimes known as cleansing diets, the idea behind them being to cleanse your body of toxins which can build up over time. By eating pure and natural foods, your body will be purged of unnatural toxins, enabling your organs to function more effectively.

How can detox diets help with weight loss?

By their nature, detox diets ensure that only natural, healthy and often raw food enters your body. While the main aim is to remove toxins from the body, the fact that you are eating little and very healthily should ensure short term weight loss from the initial diet and, once the toxins are removed from your body, your chances of long-term weight loss are improved by increased energy levels and a naturally improved ability to burn fat.

What types of detox diets are the most effective?

There are hundreds of detox diets out there. Each one can be effective for some people and not others so you may have to try two or three before you find the one which suits you best. Among the most popular are:

– The raw food diet – By only eating uncooked vegetables and fruit you can maximise the nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants present in these foods.

– The lemon juice diet – Often known as the Master Cleanse, this diet involves consuming only lemon juice mixed with water and maple syrup.

– The inside-out diet – Removing dairy, gluten and wheat products from your diet for a week, you’ll then start to re-introduce them while monitoring bloatedness and weight gain with the aim of completely eliminating the foods which cause these effects.

What are the other benefits of detox diets?

Aside from aiding healthy weight loss, detox diets have been shown to increase energy and concentration, improve digestion and promote clearer skin.

Are there any side-effects?

Any major change to your diet is likely to lead to short-term side-effects. These side-effects can be heightened with detox diets as the changes are often more drastic than traditional diets. Detox diets are often accompanied by headaches within the first few days (in most cases this is due to caffeine withdrawal) and occasionally diarrhoea or constipation.

Is dieting the only way to detox?

While detox diets remain the most commonly used method, colon cleansing is fast becoming a popular option – especially for those of us with busy lifestyles. Much quicker than dieting, these days with the rise of colon cleansing supplements you don’t even have to make a visit to the doctor.

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