Foam Roller – A Solid Instrument In Reducing Pressure And Improving Flexibility

July 17, 2012 0 Comments

A foam roller is usually a cylindrical log that is used as a training equipment due to its functionality and convenience. It was formerly used as a device aid while having physical rehabilitation sessions, but has recently become a significant part of a good exercise regimen. It’s a great product for self-massage, core stability, balance training, regular stretching, pain management, yoga exercise and Pilates.

A person might occasionally encounter muscle discomfort because of the tightening up of the tissues. This tensing of the muscle groups is also termed as muscle knot or trigger point. To ease pains linked to the trigger points, one has to somehow diffuse or break up the knots. The roller is a type of home fitness equipment that stretches muscular tissues and tendons and it also breaks down soft tissue adhesions and scar tissue. Using your very own body weight on the cylindrical foam, you’ll be able to conduct a self-massage, break up trigger points and soothe tight fascia. The force of the body on the foam will also increase blood flow and circulation towards the soft tissues. The foam roller is a very simple tool which helps in reducing injuries, managing pain and self-myofascial relieve. Much like the gymnastic rings, rollers are used for balance training.

They come in one-foot or even three-foot long cylindrical sizes and generally are created from high quality hard foam. When buying a foam roller, you’ll definitely want to check its structure, stiffness and thickness. There should be no big gaps or perforations as it may cause it to become irregular, making this ineffective. You can have a good massage on the IT (iliotibial) band by using a foam roller. Just simply lie on the ground on your side and roll backwards and forwards over the roller between your knee and hip. For the lower leg, move back and forth from above your ankle to your knee. Along with IT bands you can also do massage on your big muscles in the legs such as quads, calves and hamstring, middle back stretching.

In performing any exercise, ensure that you follow some specific key details so it will be effective and beneficial. You have to devote no less than one minute rolling forwards and backwards on the painful or tight muscle areas. Refrain from rolling over the bony areas of the body. It is recommended to use a roller for five to ten minutes before a training.

The goal is to massage those areas to relieve tension and reduce muscle density. Remember, however, that you’ll experience pain while using the roller, most definitely over the initial days of use. As you utilize it more often, you will work through the tightness and temporary discomfort.

The rumble roller is a basic tool that can help in preventing injuries, coping with pain and self-myofascial relieve. If you’re keen on getting one for your home then click on the link now.

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