Folklores About Cellulite – Fact or Fiction

June 18, 2012 0 Comments

Currently, about 90 percent of women are affected and still struggling with cellulite and sadly, there are no known treatments yet for this condition. There have been some latest studies and advancements in cellulite treatment, but a lot of old folklores about cellulite still remain up to this day, like cellulite only affects women. Wrong. This is perhaps the most believed folklores about cellulite. In fact, cellulite does affect over 90% of women; however, men can also be affected with it. In 2008, studies have shown that at least 6,000 American men sought cellulite treatment. It is believed that men who have low androgen (hormone) level are likely to develop cellulite. You may be curious as to why it seems that cellulite is an issue among women.

Well, this has something to do with the way women manage their fat – which is perpendicular to their skin, unlike in men wherein their fat is organized in a parallel manner. As a result, fat will be pulled down on the skin which will create rough and uneven fat layers.

Liposuction eliminates cellulite. Wrong. The truth is, it will not remove your cellulite, but make it even worse because this procedure gets rid of fat in deeper skin layers and cellulite is only on the top layer of the skin. Once a person had undergone liposuction, the fat in the skin’ surface be more noticeable and saggy looking, which surely is not the outcome that you want if your major concern is the removal of cellulite.
Workouts can remove your cellulite. Well, this is not true at all. Just so you know, cellulite is due to both genetic and hormonal factors, so there is no way that workouts can help eradicate this problem. In fact, even gym instructors have cellulite. Keep in mind, though, that this does not necessarily mean that you can already avoid exercising. It is true that workouts will never remove cellulite, but it will aid in the prevention and management of it. If you have fewer fats, then you have less chances of turning fats into cellulite. Remember – build muscles and burn fats!

There is a cellulite diet. This is also not true. Unluckily, no food can combat your cellulite problems, but what you will gain from healthy diets is worth to take up. A healthful diet will in fact restrain you from eating fatty foods that can cause unpleasant cellulite.

Drinking plenty of water lessens cellulite. While it is true that drinking plenty of water is extremely good for everyone, it really has nothing to do with reducing cellulite. The truth is, excessive drinking of water can enhance the cellulite appearance. Manufacturers of cellulite creams are aware of this and they add ingredients that can help rid of the body’s excess water. Aminophylline and caffeine are best natural skin care ingredients in curing cellulite because of their capability to dry out the skin, thus causing cellulite to appear smoother and firmer.

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