Foods To Eat for Fat Loss

August 22, 2012 0 Comments

By Gavin Gillibrand

On Monday, I showed you a diet that Mrs Jones eats on most days.

For those that missed Monday’s newsletter, you can bring yourself up to speed by looking on the blog below.

Mrs Jones wants to lose about 6-9kg and her diet is fairly typical of many people in the City, struggling to shift those extra pounds but just not understanding why they CAN’T lose that weight, despite their efforts in the gym.

Today, I am going to show you a few changes that Mrs Jones could make to immediately feel better, have more energy, start sleeping better and actually start to see some results from her workouts in the gym.


2 large organic free range eggs, poached, scrambled or boiled, 1 slice of wholemeal toast. Black coffee, no sweetener.

Mid morning-

Portion of blueberries, handful of nutsLunch -Chicken breast & green salad.

Mid afternoon-

Protein shake, 5 capsules of fish oil.


Steak, vegetable and small portion of brown rice or quinoa.

Immediate changes in the breakfast are two eggs so giving Mrs Jones a nice portion of protein and massively reducing the carbs and sugar from her cereal and orange juice before.The whole meal toast is better as it has a good amount of fibre and a little protein which means it will produce a slower release of energy throughout the day. Black coffee is preferable over skimmed milk as to start with, we don’t really need dairy in our diet and the sugar in skimmed milk can spike your blood sugar causing insulin to be a problem. Artificial sweeteners are linked to a whole host of health problems that I can’t go into today and can trick your body into thinking it’s digesting real sugar. The blue berries and nuts will give her a nice slow energy release with no noticeable rises in blood sugar.The berries are low GI and the nuts, although high in fat provide good essential fats and fibre and protein. Just what you need to see you through to lunch. The chicken breast provides on average 40grams of quality protein and the green salad is fantastic for vitamins, minerals and a whole host of other nutrients that will help in the quest for fat loss.

The mid afternoon protein shake provides another 40 grams of fat burning protein and will keep Mrs Jones’ energy high until dinner that night. Note the 5 fish oil capsules with the protein shake. This will aid digestion of the protein shake and also stop any spike in blood sugar. Although the protein shake is what we need, with it being liquid it is digested very quickly and can cause the blood sugar to rise so fish oils or a few nuts can blunt that insulin response. The only time you DO NOT take fish oils is with your post workout protein shake. Still with me? It can get complicated I know.

A nice steak with a large portion of vegetables and a small portion of good, slow burning carbohydrates will see Mrs Jones go to bed having provided her body with well over 100 grams of quality protein, about 50-75 grams of slow burning carbs and two servings of essential fats which are very important for losing body fat aswell as overall health. The idea now is to rinse and repeat, 7 days a week. Easy.

If Mrs Jones follows a diet like this and keeps up her normal gym routine I would expect her to lose that excess body fat in about 3 months but this all depends on how strict she is with her diet.If Mrs Jones was impatient or had a holiday or wedding in 4 weeks time I would tell her that there is another option that will drop those pounds very quickly and very safely. In fact, if she was super strict, she could lose a stone (14lbs) in 2 weeks. This is not an exaggeration. We have a programme called the the 14 Day Fat Furnace and its designed to do exactly that. We have had many clients lose lots of body fat and start to feel amazing in just 2 weeks.

I hope you enjoyed today’s newsletter. If you know anyone that you think would also enjoy what Tom and I write about then please add them to this newsletter with the link below, or just reply to this email with their details. Any questions you have or help required, just drop us a quick line.

Have a great Thursday and a fantastic weekend ahead.

Gavin @ UCF

Gavin Gillibrand BSc. Fat loss and Body Transformation Expert in the City of London, UK Please visit our website for more great articles like this and how you can get and stay in your best shape ever

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