FreshLook One Day Color Contacts: For The Prettiest Eyes Ever!

July 12, 2012 0 Comments

Sometimes, the best beauty fix is one that requires simplicity. And with color contact lenses, one is transforming their appearance instantly, in a big way. People remember a person’s eye color. FreshLook One Day Color keeps it all ‘unforgettable.’

What could be finer than daily disposable color contacts?

Cibavision has developed one-day soft contact lenses with advanced three-in-one color technology. That means a blending of three shades on one lens. The company is also proud of its status as creating the first daily disposable color contact in the U.S..

Most people think of color contact lenses as beauty and fashion accessories, a unique way to express themselves. A lot of contact wearers have always desired changing the color of their eyes from dark to light or light to dark, even if for a day, and these lenses have been created just for that exciting purpose. If one has dark eyes, then a very thin contact with a color tint is essential so that the new shade can cover the iris completely. The challenge is making these special contacts look natural, or like genuine eye color, and the Cibavision company has achieved this goal.

A number of female celebrities love playing around with color contacts for special red carpet events or photo shoots. A few of these women include: Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Snooki from the ‘Jersey Shore’ reality show, Naomi Campbell, Lohan sisters-Lindsay and Ali, Paris Hilton, Rumer Willis, Tyra Banks, and Drew Barrymore.

One-day disposable color contact lenses are very convenient. These are worn once, and at the end of the day, tossed away. No worries about infections, allergies, cleaning, storing, or losing them. In addition, the daily disposable color contacts feel great on the eyes, because of the extra moisture added to the manufacturing process, and a material called, Nelficon A, that guarantees a comfortable fit. Eye doctors give daily disposable contacts the thumbs up, because a new, fresh pair is put in each day, and this is the healthiest way to wear a pair of contacts, color or no color.

The affordable lenses come packaged in a box of 10 for $16.99 at most drugstores. A one-year supply = 72 boxes (36 per eye). The four colors available include: Blue, Gray, Green, and Pure Hazel. The contacts are easy to put in and a cinch to remove. And there is no need to worry, color contacts are safe, and approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

The Cibavision contact lens brand is considered a superb product manufactured right here in the United States, following tough quality control guidelines. The company produces a high quality one-day color contact lens.

A contact lens prescription is required, even for daily disposable color contacts, here in the United States. Contact lenses are actually labeled as ‘medical devices.’ One’s eyes must first be measured accurately and fitted properly, because the curve in each eye is unique. If one is wearing an ill-fitting contact lens, damage to the cornea could occur. That is why it is important to never buy cheap contacts at suspect websites over the internet. Buyer, beware!

A contact lens prescription is usually good for one year. Not every person is a good candidate for color contacts, let alone, daily disposables. The ophthalmologist or optometrist would determine whether a pair of eyes makes enough tear production to comfortably put in the one-day lenses.

FreshLook One Day color contacts are a popular, instant way of letting eyes pop brighter, shining a spotlight on the most important feature of the face. Compliments abound because the result is a natural, real-looking eye color, even if the lens wearer has the darkest eyes around. It’s fun to think, that one can change her eye color in merely seconds, or the blink of an eye, and become a totally different-looking person. That’s the beauty of science, and the possibilities are exciting!

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