Getting Your Alcohol And Drug Counselor Accreditation

June 19, 2012 0 Comments

With the increasing cases of alcoholism and substance abuse, there is a continual need for drug and alcohol counselor. It can’t be denied that many people are in pain because of alcoholism and substance abuse, resulting to separation of families, rise in criminalities, deaths, and deterioration of peace and order in several cities and towns. These could have been avoided if proper intervention is carried out. One of the best intercessions in these problems is drug and alcohol addiction counseling.

Who is drug counselor? What are his or her duties? They’re individuals who provide assistance and counseling services to families and individuals with alcohol and drug abuse issues. Aside from adept counseling services, they also provide education to high-risk people and groups in communities. They offer information awareness on the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol not only on their health and wellbeing but also to other people surrounding them.

Because of their important roles in the prevention of alcoholism and drug addiction, you can find drug rehab counselor in private practices, hospitals, government establishments, schools, and other institutions.

If you like the job of helping people, then the work of a alcohol and drug counselor is fitting for you. If you want to become one, then consider the suggestions and tips described below.

Be sure to do your share of research to know the state requirements on becoming a drug rehab counselor. Remember that every state has each own requirements and majority of them need certification. With the diverse and dissimilar requirements that each state has, be sure to comply all of them to become a licensed and reliable drug and alcohol counselor.

Get the needed certification to become a licensed drug rehab counselor. These days, there are many states that require certification, while some don’t require accreditation within specific period of time. You can get one by enrolling in accreditation programs or other equivalent programs like Associate’s Degree.

You can study college to get the needed certification because some states not only require Associate’s Degree but also Bachelor’s Degree in counseling and psychology.

Prepare yourself for the extensive and taxing process of acquiring the certification because some states will require you to pass the oral and written exams on these fields apart from the time in supervising clinical setting for many years, and classroom time.

Now you know the importance of a drug rehab counselor on the society. The guidelines shown above will surely assist people who have plans of becoming a drug rehab counselor.

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