Health Related Problems Due To Pain Killer Addiction

July 17, 2012 0 Comments

By Joey Young

Oxycodone is regarded as one of the most productive pain-killer accessible in the market. Its powerful ingredients offer a 24 hour relief for individuals who are suffering from intense discomfort. This is a prescription medicine that exposes most affected individuals to high risk of abuse after a prolonged application.

Healthcare professionals prescribe oxycodone to a person suffering from intense pain due to infection and other health relevant problems. The addiction to oxycodone starts when a patient becomes resistant to the elements of the drug or when it is utilized for longer periods of time. Occasionally patients will take more than what is suggested believing that the possible amazing performance of the medicine can reduce the pain quicker compared to any other medication.

As a pain killer, oxycodone works by tricking the nerves and the brain so that the intense pain signal will not be experienced by the user. When a person becomes addicted to this drug and at some point failed to take the dosage, he will normally encounter many drawback signs which may include abdominal problems, trouble in sleeping, anxiousness and irritability. Common physical indications of addiction to oxycodone may involve severe head pains, dizziness, trouble in breathing and constipation.

Addiction to oxycodone may also trigger critical mental and personality problems. The common symptoms are identified when the individual starts to consider the medicine as a requirement. Addicts will think that they need to take the drugs to avoid the withdrawal symptoms that they commonly experience. Other people will display personality transformations as they start to detest things that they used to like. They will also search for the drug by all means in spite of the danger that it might cause to his loved ones, job and monetary status.

Addiction to oxycodone may also lead to critical mental and personality conditions. The common indications are recognized when the individual starts to regard the medicine as a necessity. Addicts will think that they need to take the drugs to prevent the drawback indications that they commonly encounter. Others will display behavioral changes as they begin to detest things that they used to like. They will also search for the drug by all means in spite of the risk that it might pose to his family, job and monetary status.

Addiction to any pain reliever like oxydone may contribute other health problems if not medicated suitably. Detoxing and substitution are the common applications for this situation. Health care providers utilize substitution process by prescribing a medicine to the patient that has similar results as oxycodone but with less addictive components. Suitable detoxification for individuals who are addicted to this medicine can only be done in inpatient clinics. The guidance of a healthcare professional is necessary in the method since there will be extreme withdrawal indications that may be encountered which need medical attention.

Oxycodone is a prescribed medicine but can result to drug addiction when misused.This will cause other critical problems if addicted individuals are not correctly diagnosed. Medical experts treat addicts depending on the level of intoxication and the history of addiction.

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