Healthy Low Fat Budwig Ice Cream Recipe

July 25, 2012 0 Comments

By Wrath Warbone

Finding healthy low calorie snacks that won’t make you fat or half kill you is a major challenge in life today. Makers of snack products find poison very cost effective. But there is a home made ice cream recipe that fits the bill nicely. Here it is:

Purchase or create with a yogurt making machine a pint or so of plain all natural fat free yogurt and mix in your favorite fruit puree of the all natural organic type with it. If you don’t like fruit try all natural vanilla or cocoa powder, or anything similar. Avoid dangerous sweeteners like sugar and artificial sweeteners by flavoring the mix with Stevia or all natural honey. (Stevia and all natural honey are high end compared to the poisonous sweeteners so there is a trade off here, but they are very low cost in terms of damage to one’s body. Growing your own Stevia at home, indoors or out cuts long term cost dramaticlly) Mix the results with a half cup of crushed ice. Vary ice and sweetener amounts to taste. Sprinkle in some table salt. If it doesn’t firm up place it in the freezer in a plastic bag for a few minutes. When it firms up nicely eat it up. You have just added a safe low calorie snack to your pleasure seeking arsenal.

My name is Terry Chestnutt and the Budwig Diet was recommended to me by my mother, a retired Registered Nurse, as a good way to increase my respiration levels in answer to my severe COPD problem. Shortly after implementing the diet my oxygen values improved to the point where my doctor no longer prescribed oxygen for use by me during the day, only when I sleep. Before hand I could hardly walk from my chair to the refrigerator without getting out of breath.

Johanna Budwig, Ph.D. (1908-2003) created this alternative health protocol and used it to successfully treat cancer patients who were rated terminal by the medical profession, according to her. When taken to court for her claims in Germany, her homeland, the judge ruled, “Doctor Budwig’s documents and papers are conclusive. There would be a scandal in the scientific world, because the public would certainly support Doctor Budwig.”In my opinnion the Budwig Diet is very helpful for many health probems. I believe that I have personally benefited from it considerabley and am happy to recommend it for improving anyone’s general health.

Wrath Warbone is a casual writer with a strong interest in the Budwig Diet. Find more on the Budwig Diet and its many benefits here

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