Helpful Strategies In Preventing Drug Abuse

July 31, 2012 0 Comments

Children have the keenest sense of the world. It is in this stage, too, that they’re most susceptible to influences. Thus, it’s preeminent to educate them on the deadly effects of drug and alcohol abuse. The youth is said to be taught about this matter because they’re most susceptible to pressure from peers.

The Job of Parents

Education begins at home. Prevention of substance abuse begins at home where parents serve as their teachers and role models. As such, they are encouraged to avoid using any of the prohibited drugs, alcohol and even smoking. Parents must also take up the responsibility of informing their kids about the crippling and deadly effects of alcohol and drug addiction to people and the society. Include in your conversation, withdrawal symptoms and how it is endured after going through treatment with the help of experts of drug rehabilitation programs. Talk about it thoroughly and patiently. Bottom line is, spend quality time with your kids. This type of environment in your home will surely give them sufficient sense of security. This way, they would not take refuge to such addicting substances.

School Involvement

School plays as second home to kids and teens. The prevention of alcohol and drug abuse shall be part of the school’s programs and curriculum. These programs on prevention can already be introduced in preschools when these children already start learning the ways of society. Indicators that can lead to substance abuse include poor social interactions, failing grades, and premature violent conduct. The National Institute on Drug Abuse or NIDA will now have to intervene through communication and resolving of the problem through teaching self-control, emotional consciousness and educational assistance especially on the student’s reading ability. This is also an opportune time for these students to know how to deal with peer pressure. They’re further lectured on the prevention of alcohol and drug abuse, drug rehabilitation programs, withdrawal syndrome and all of the ill effects.

Support Groups

There are several groups or clubs which are involved in various drug abuse prevention campaigns. These prevention programs are promoted through sports and training programs held in communities. These activities act like a follow through on the substance abuse prevention campaigns. Resource speakers are invited to give talks on the issue. This group intervention is very effective since it involves a target community where drug abuse is prevalent.

These substance abuse prevention methods vary in terms of its effectiveness. However, the benefit of having a healthy family relationship is the key method. Having such will enable the succeeding techniques to be equally successful.

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