Home Remedies For Panic Attacks

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People aren’t laughing at home remedies anymore. That probably happened about the time the medical community acknowledged that chicken soup may have some medicinal value. When the New York Times begins reporting about home remedies, they cease to be a joke. People suffering from anxiety disorders will be thrilled to know there are home remedies for panic attacks.

Keep it in the Kitchen

Grape juice? Seriously? Is that same grape juice that your mother would never let you drink on the carpet considered to be one of the most effective remedies for panic attacks? Oddly, the answer is, “Yes.”

Grape juice is believed to prevent heart palpitations, which can be one of the more disconcerting symptoms of panic attacks. For greatest benefit, grape juice should be consumed on a daily basis.

Tropical Remedy

Ripe guava is believed to prevent heart palpitations and ease anxiety. Maybe that explains why the castaways of “Gilligan’s Island” didn’t have panic attacks when the headhunters showed up on the island.

Note: Guava juice is typically diluted with other juices and is not believed to be an effective home remedy.

And it’s Good for a Cough, Too!

Honey and lemon juice is another one of the old home remedies. Juice half a lemon and mix it with a heaping tablespoon of honey and a glass of water. Taken at bedtime, this is believed to have a calming effect and prevent nighttime heart palpitations.


Do your best to get an adequate amount of sleep. There’s a reason your mother never liked being around you after you had been at a slumber party. Lack of sleep can make everything feel worse and it can make you moody. It can also trigger feelings of anxiety.

Find a bedtime routine and stick with it. You cannot make up for a week’s worth of no sleep by sleeping in on the weekend.

Giving up the Precious

Many home remedies for anxiety attacks are just basic common sense. Cutting caffeine from your diet is one of those things.

It’s no surprise that caffeine is a stimulant. When you are having a panic attack, your body is already over-stimulated. Too much caffeine can bring on the feelings of a panic attack even in people who do not normally suffer from panic attacks.

If the idea of giving up your caffeine makes you scream, “My precious,” while feeling like Gollum from The Lord of the Rings, at least try cutting back on your caffeine intake.

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