Home Remedies that Work Wonders for Oily Hair

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100 years ago homemade remedies were the norm when it came to healing different illnesses and health conditions. In some parts of the world these remedies are passed down from generation to generation and they are used regularly for healing purposes.

Apart from using remedies for treating illnesses, people have also used homemade remedies for cosmetic purposes. Hair is one element that deserves special attention and special treatment.

Oily hair has always been a problem for many people and this is why there are a lot of simple homemade remedies that have been used in different cultures for treating this condition. This is a list of the most effective remedies for oily hair.

1. Egg yolk and honey are an ancient cure for hair issues. This is a well-known remedy in many parts of Europe and people have been using it for centuries to treat oily hair and hair loss. It can have an amazing regenerating effect on your hair and many people have been surprised by how well this works. How do you use egg yolk and honey for your hair?

Take 1-2 eggs (depending on your hair length) and separate the yolks. Mix the egg yolks with 2 spoons of honey, organic is best but you can use regular honey as long as it is natural (no added sugar). Use the resulted mask on your hair by covering the whole scalp area as well as possible. Wait for 30-40 minutes and then wash your hair thoroughly, rinsing a couple of times. Use only a nettle shampoo if possible and do not condition your hair (if you experience hair loss use only a little soap water instead of shampoo). After this, you can use lemon to rinse your hair. Repeat the procedure at least once a week for a few months.

This recipe nourishes your hair and prevents hair loss and oily hair. If you don’t have honey or if you prefer not to use it, you can use the egg yolks as a mask by themselves.

2. Lavender water works well on oily hair. Lavender flowers have many therapeutic properties and a powerful aroma. It has anti-depressive, antiseptic, astringent, decongestive and anti-rheumatic qualities that make it a wonderful remedy for many illnesses. It can cure your migraines and your oily hair condition at the same time.

If you have lavender flowers in your garden you can use them successfully to treat oily hair. If you don’t have them at hand they can be bought at flower markets. How do you prepare lavender water for your hair?

Take 10-15 lavender flowers and put them in 2 liters of water. Leave them to soak for a whole night (8-10 hours). Filter the water, take the flowers and boil them in 1 liter of water. Mix the 2 liquids and use the concoction to rinse your hair after each wash.

This will make your hair free of grease and it will have an amazing lavender smell. Some people use lavender oil directly on their scalp but this is not advisable for people that have an oily scalp skin.

3. Corn flour eliminates the oil in your hair. If you need a quick solution to getting rid of oily hair, corn flour can do an amazing job. This is a secret that not many people know about. How can you use corn flour to get rid of greasy and sticky hair?

Just put the corn flour into a salt or pepper recipient that has larger holes. Sprinkle the flour all over the hair and cover all the areas, but be careful not to overdo it. Leave it in for a few minutes and then just comb your hair over your bath tub or sink to get rid of the flour. The whole procedure is done on dry hair so this can be a great remedy when you need to go out and your hair is too greasy.

4. Vinegar and baking soda treatment also works well for oily hair. Baking soda should always be available as it is an amazing remedy. You can use it for stomach aches but also for your hair. How to use baking soda and vinegar for your hair?

Put 4 tablespoons of baking soda in a bowl and mix it with a little water until you have obtained a paste. Wash your hair with this paste and rinse. Do not use shampoo when you apply this treatment because the baking soda will remove the impurities and oil by itself. After this use 2 tablespoons of vinegar mixed with 1-2 liters of water and rinse your hair with this. Repeat this procedure once a week and the PH of your scalp skin will be regulated.

These simple home remedies can be very effective on oily hair. You just have to try them and see for yourself. Getting rid of products that contain a lot of chemicals and using natural homemade remedies instead is the first step towards healthy hair.

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