How Can You Be Dependent On Analgesic?

July 11, 2012 0 Comments

Analgesics are considered as pain killers which are usually prescribed by doctors in managing moderate to severe pain. One potent analgesic is Vicodin, it is an opioid drug which contains a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen. Acetaminophen is the chemical component that prevents the production of pain-causing substances in the body. Hydrocodone component is the ingredient in Vicodin that’s habit-forming. Vicodin is a prescription drug, meaning that a physician must prescribe the use of the drug before it can be bought and taken.

People struggling with moderate to severe muscle pain are usually the users of this potent medication. This certain drug is highly effective which makes it one of the leading pain relievers sold in the market. In line with its potent effect is also a negative aspect. Lots of vicodin users developed addiction to the drug over time. This is mainly because of the hydrocodone component in the drug. In the US, about twenty percent of the population age 12 and above has used prescription medication like Vicodin for non-prescription purposes.

Use of Vicodin yields comforting effects to those who suffer pain. A deep sense of euphoria is sometimes misunderstood as pleasure. It is for this great calming and comforting feeling that people become addicted. The longing for that feeling to continue over time makes Vicodin users hard to get over with. addcition to vicodin can be discovered through warning signs shown by users. Most common signs of vicodin addiction include intake of the drugs in frequent intervals other than those recommended by the physician, changing one doctor to another to get the prescribed medication, buying the medications in the internet pharmacy to avoid questioning, and denial of the regular use of the drug.

The popularization of addiction from vicodin spread when a famous football player admitted his dependence on national television and his entry to rehabilitation. This form of addiction is real. Ordinary users of pain killers must be aware of the effects of the drug they are taking both the positive and negative. Caution should be exercised when taking medication. Prescription should be followed.

Global awareness of the right usage of this medication is being disseminated to prevent further problems of dependence on the drug. It only takes one to four weeks of Vicodin drug usage for one to be addicted according to studies. This is an alarming to notice and proper action should be done to impede this abuse.

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