How Do You Begin Mall Walking?

July 5, 2012 0 Comments

By Gordon Zwillenberg

Mall Walking is a healthy way to meet your new friends, lose weight and have some fun. It’s not just a walk, it’s a social gathering. It’s not just good exercise, it’s a group effort. You can start Mall Walking, too!

Why Do Mall Walking?

With Mall Walking, you could see your new friends. Walking is healthy exercise and you might lose weight. Mall Walking is good for any age. You could even find out, what is on sale.

What Do You Need For Mall Walking?

You need the following for Mall Walking:

1. A good set of walking shoes and sneakers. Make sure that you are comfortable with your walking shoes. You may be wearing them for one to two hours, everyday.

2. Comfortable clothes including shorts or pants and a t-shirt or long sleeved shirt. Dress for where you will be walking. You want to wear something nice, when you go to see your new friends.

What Else Should You Buy?

For Mall Walking, you might also get:

1. Sunglasses, if the mall is very bright. Sunglasses will shield your eyes from the different lights.

2. A Water Bottle. You will get thirsty during a thirty minute walk. You will need a water bottle during the long, hot summer.

3. A Fanny Pack. You could hold pens and pencils, a small pad and a small purse. You can keep money in the purse for food after the walk and to make a phone call.

When Is The Most Desirable Time For A Mall Walk?

The appropriate time for a Mall Walk is when the mall is not busy. Early mornings are perfect for good exercise, seven days a week. You can try to complete the mall walk by 10:00 AM.

Every mall is different. A number of your big malls are busy all day. You might be needing to schedule your walk – Monday to Friday, from 1 PM to 3 PM. Most malls are not busy in the early afternoon.

Does Your Mall Include Walkers?

To find out, if you have a Mall Walking group at your local mall, you could:

1. Call up the mall directly. They will let you know. If a group exists, they will provide you the number of the person to contact.

2. See the local parks and notices for any organized walking events.

How Long Should The Mall Walk Be?

Your walk changes, depending on what your goals are. This great exercise encompasses:

1. A Brisk Walk : Thirty minutes for six to seven days in the week, and

2. A Run – Walk: Sixty minutes, every other day. With a run-walk, you are developing muscles. Your body needs one day of rest for your muscles to develop.

How Might You Warm-Up For A Mall Walk?

You may warm-up for beneficial exercise at a mall walk to lose weight. Do a steady walk for five to seven minutes. This will loosen your muscles for the brisk walk, while you visit new friends.

How Can You Cool Down?

After your Mall Walk, you need to cool down. You may stretch. Lean against a wall and stretch each leg for ten to fifteen seconds. Stretching will prevent muscle spasms.

What’s The Reward?

After the Mall Walk, the group commonly gathers at the food court. There are a lot of unhealthy choices; but, there are also some good choices. You can select from the following good choices to lose weight:

– salads

– small grilled chicken sandwiches

– chicken tacos

Check the menus to see what you can eat.

You Can Do It!

Mall Walking is fun! You get to meet new friends, get good exercise and lose weight. Afterwards, you can meet at the food court for brunch. Mall Walking is great for anyone at any age.

Good Luck Walking!

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