How Do You Train For A Triathlon

July 4, 2012 0 Comments

By Gordon Zwillenberg

A Triathlon is a challenge. Training for a triathlon seems complicated and takes a lot of work. But completing a triathlon is a big accomplishment. You may do a triathlon, too!

What Is A Triathlon?

A triathlon is a multi-sport event that encompasses swimming, biking and running. The competitor that wins the fastest overall race is the winner. That includes the transition times between the events.

In training for a triathlon, you need to train for all three aerobic exercises. You have to be a swift swimmer; so, you can train at the local swimming pool. You might cycle with a club and run with a group. Training will make your triathlon a little easier.

What about Distance?

To train for a triathlon, you need to know how long the race is. Triathlons vary for:

1. Swimming – from 0.25 miles to 2.4 miles,

2. Biking – from 6.2 miles to 112 miles, and

3. Running – from 1.5 miles to 26.2 miles.

Once you are familiar with your distances, you may train accordingly.

What Could A Beginner Do?

For the Triathlon, you need to swim, bike and run. Start out slowly, and then, build up distance and speed. The more you do aerobic exercises, the easier the triathlon will be.

To begin with, select a short triathlon. A super sprint is three short distances. Start out with this race and then build up from there. You can train for a super sprint in about three months.

What Would You Want?

For a triathlon, you need the following:

1. For swimming, you will need a good swim suit, goggles for eye protection, and a swim cap, if necessary.

2. For biking, you need a bike that fits you. The bicycle must be operational. With the bicycle, you might also purchase a) bike shorts for a comfortable ride and b) a bike helmet, which is required for the races.

3. For running, you will need: a) running shoes for your next run, and b) a water bottle, to keep fluids in your system.

With this, you have the equipment to train with. It’s not very high-priced to prepare for a triathlon.

How Can You Train Better?

You can hire a Coach, to help you train for the Triathlon. A Coach may lend a hand for you to do better and to inspire you to do more. Now is the time to start looking for a good coach.

Set a goal. Be positive that the goal is practical, achievable and realistic. This is something that you can perform, and it is still a challenge. A goal will continue your training on track.

You might also prepare with a team. You will meet new people and other athletes doing their first triathlon. You will be able to share stories of past races.

Should You Cross Train?

Body Building develops the muscles for the entire body. It’s a good workout. Swimming, Biking and Running are aerobic exercises.

Stretching will help to relax the taunt muscles. You want to stretch after each aerobic exercise. Stretching will prevent muscle strain and spasms.

Core Exercises help to balance the body. These aerobic exercises concentrate on the abdominal muscles.

You Can Do It!

It’s not tough to train for a triathlon. Swimming, Biking and Running are the aerobic exercises. You can start out small and do a small triathlon. Over time you will be able to handle more challenges.

Good Luck!

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