How Does Golf Succeed with Health and Fitness

July 4, 2012 0 Comments

By Gordon Zwillenberg

Golf is good exercise. You can exercise more to keep fit. You can also eat the right foods for health. You are need to comply with the safety rules on the golf course.

What Are The Health Gains To Playing Golf?

When playing Golf, you could do a lot of walking. Players walk as much as six kilometers or 3.7 miles. If you continue walking three to four times a week, you can reduce high cholesterol.

Playing golf can help you to:

– stay fit

– improve muscle tone and endurance

– lose weight and body fat

Walking, though, has fixed benefits. Your playing has to be consistent. You stop and start walking many times in Golf. You may not be active and still play the game.

What Else Could You Do?

Golf is a part of a complete fitness program. You might also:

1. Do Aerobic Exercises three times a week. The Stationary Bike, Treadmill, and running are great ways to keep your body in motion. You could take out that stubborn body fat. You will be walking faster and stronger, when playing golf. You can do these exercises with thirty minute workouts.

2. Build Your Body With Weight Lifting Exercises. You can develop a tight, muscular body. When getting started, have a trainer indicate to you the proper form and technique. Try to do these exercises at least three times during the week.

What about Diet?

You need to eat healthy, too. The foods you need to eliminate include:

a) High salt foods that consist of Frozen T.V. Dinners, processed cheese, canned soup, etc. High salt brings on high blood pressure.

b) High sugar foods having cookies, cakes, donuts, etc. Sugar turns to fat in your system and contributes to weight gain.

c) High fat foods like bacon and some hamburger. The wrong fats contribute to high cholesterol.

What Could You Eat?

You could eat:

a) Fruits and Vegetables. Dine on more every day. Fruits and vegetables are easy to cook and they contain lots of vitamins and minerals.

b) Red meat, chicken and fish. You need to bake or broil your meats. Do not fry, as frying retains the fat.

c) Nuts consisting of walnuts and pecans.

There is a lot that you can eat. Verify with your supermarket for more good foods. You can start to eat healthy, today.

What about Your Training Program?

You could prepare your training program around you. If you are a morning person, you can practise your exercises before your job. Some people like to work out at lunchtime or after work. Just practice what is easy for you.

What about Safety on the Golf Course?

You could do numerous things to keep your golf game safe. You can also prevent potential injuries. The safety issues include:

1. Warm-Up. You need to stretch and walk a short distance. Do this, just before your exercises or golf game.

2. Take Golf Lessons, so that you could learn the proper form and technique.

3. Wear the Right Equipment comprising of socks, clothing, shoes, and caps. You will be doing a lot of walking.

4. Wear sun protection on those bright, sunny days.

5. Drink plenty of water. Your body needs water, when you exercise and play golf. Especially, if you are doing a lot of walking in the summer heat.

6. Know and follow the basic rules of the game, including:

a. don’t stand too close to someone swinging

b. do not play, until the group before you, is out of the way

c. shout “fore” to tell of danger to players and spectators

7. Lift and carry the golf clubs dependably. To prevent a back injury, use a golf cart.

8. When an injury to a player happens, stop playing the game. Try to seek first aid and right medical treatment.

You Can Play Golf and Be Fit and Healthy, Too!

With Golf, you could do a lot of walking. By exercising and eating the right foods, you may be fit and healthy. Follow some safety rules for an injury free golf game.

Good Luck!

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