How Prescribed Drugs Are Misused

July 31, 2012 0 Comments

The painful problem of drug addiction is all around the country. Lives destroyed and lost, many concerned individuals in the community are taking action to reduce and soon stop the big problem on drug abuse. Drug addiction may be classified into three types. One type is alcohol addiction. Alcohol has been considered a drug although many would still specify and separate alcohol addiction from drug abuse. Another type is addiction to illegal medications like cocaine, cannabis, and heroin. The third type is prescription drug abuse. This type of addiction is gaining more popularity and takes second place to alcoholism.

Prescription medications are given to patients who are suffering from moderate to chronic pain and those who have mental problems. The use of these medicines is controlled based on the prescribed dosage recommended by a physician or psychiatrist. The human body is subject to disease and other kinds of pain and in order to relieve that, medications are discovered and created. Prescription drugs are given and should be used at a given time period. The purpose of which is to prevent possible cases of addiction that can result from abuse of the medicine. It is wise to ask questions and clarify concerns with a physician before taking any prescription medicine. Allergies must be considered also prior to intake and some side-effects may be felt by some people than others.

Prescription drug addiction occurs in 2 ways. One possible way of addiction is when patients who’ve been recommended by their doctors to use a drug and do not follow what have been prescribed. At first, patients comply with the doses but over time, as their bodies develop tolerance for the drug, they increase dosage intake by taking more than what’s recommended at one time or take the drug even before the required time. Another way that prescribed drugs are abused is when patients sell to non-prescribed individuals the medicines for non-medication purposes. Certain drugs have effects that boost the energy and concentration which many college students like because it helps them stay awake during long nights of studying. Some people take prescribed drugs to help them enjoy a long night of partying. Oftentimes, these individuals don’t feel threatened with the drug use until they’ve been addicted.

When such problem has been discovered, these people suffer physical and psychological negative effects. In fact, it can also have negative social effects. Friends and families have a problem reaching out to people who suffer from addiction because these people are more likely to be anti-social. The only way to stop addiction is through therapy. Drug rehabilitation centers in many parts of the country provide support and help to those who suffer. Seeking necessary treatment can and may save lives. There’s still a way out.

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