How The Sportscaster Did It!

August 5, 2012 0 Comments

By Gordon Zwillenberg

All my life, I was fat. They addressd me “Old Tubby” in High School; and then, Fatso on the job. It looked that name calling would never come to an end. But, it did, they don’t call me that now.

How Did It Initiate?

My christian name is Phil. I am the Sports Broadcaster for KREV in Riverside. It’s a small town, everyone knows everyone else. They know me, I’m on TV everyday.

I was at all times the fat boy. In grade school, I played a lot of ball. I was always the big guy on the team.

In high school, I played basketball and baseball. Both teams made it to the play-offs. It was great to be on those teams. My love of sports led me to be a sports broadcaster.

How Was College?

After High School, I went to College in Madisonville. They had a good program for a career in sports broadcasting. Those four years got me ready for my job.

Everybody becomes aware of the fat boy. I had trouble getting through a number of the doors at school. I always did my presentations last. I think they figured that I would never make it.

How Did You Get Your First Job?

I interviewed with a number of TV Stations, mostly all were just fishing. The stations from the big cities would not consider me. This small town station needed a sports broadcaster, and the fat boy got the job.

Coming to Riverside, from a large city, was a shock. There were no secrets here, everyone acknowledged I was fat.

What Was The Turning Point?

Every day, I seemed to be reminded that I was a fat boy. At interviews, the public would call me fatso. I pass people on the streets, there was fatso.

One day, it got to me. I came home and cried for an hour. I demanded for things to change and I wanted to lose the weight. How do you do it?

What Did Not Work?

I tried the 7-Day Hunger Diet to lose weight and starved myself for 7-Days. I had headaches all week. I lost five lbs, that week. I gained ten pounds, after that, I was so hungry.

Then, I got hold of a liquid diet to lose weight. They work; except, I was hungry all the time. That lasted for four weeks. Those shakes are still on the counter, I have not used them; since, I gave up on the liquid diet.

What Finally Worked?

To lose weight, my Doctor said that diet combined with exercise works. He gave me a diet to follow and I joined a gym.

The diet included cooking with fresh fruits and vegetables. It was an inconvenience; but, I wanted to eat the right foods. I had to turn down the donuts at work.

Over time, the weight started dropping off. It was not a swift process. I lost roughly one pound a week.

What Was The Result?

People began to notice. They weren’t addressing me fatso, as much. My fellow workers were impressed.

It took me about two years to get to my ideal weight, I lost over 100 pounds. The public was asking my boss, they wanted to know how I did it. He called me in one day.

As a resolution, I cook healthy food on Friday Mornings. I cooked a one-egg Spanish omelet, last week. The public and my new fans love the segment.

I am not a fat boy, anymore! This Sports Broadcaster has a new identity!

You Can Do It, Too!

You may lose the weight. You can feel healthy, too! Your friends and family will notice!

Good Luck with Your Weight Loss Program!

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