How To Apply Food To Gain Energy

July 12, 2012 0 Comments

By Gordon Zwillenberg

Energy is fundamental for body builders. If you get headaches, feel weak and can’t concentrate; then, you can be consuming the wrong foods. You may have a protein deficiency or an iron deficiency. The good high energy foods could assist you to have good body building workouts.

What about Those Headaches?

If you are incurring headaches, all day long, it could be a protein deficiency. You are not consuming enough protein to deal with your body building workouts and other daily activities.

You can get protein from eggs, milk, red meat and fish. You can reduce your protein deficiency. Attempt to dine on protein at each meal. You might dine on:

1. Breakfast – scrambled eggs with a glass of milk,

2. Lunch – a hamburger with a slice of cheese, and

3. Dinner – salmon with macaroni and cheese.

If your headaches persist; then, it could not be a protein deficiency. You need to go see a doctor. They can examine and diagnose the condition. The headaches may interfere with your body building workouts.

What If You Feel Weak All Day?

If you feel weak all day, it may constitute an iron deficiency. This is one of the most universal deficiencies in North America. An iron deficiency can cause a lack of concentration that can occur both during your body building workouts and on your job.

For an Iron Deficiency, you need to consume red meats, whole grain bread, dried fruits and green leafy vegetables. You can have a hamburger topped with spinach. Serve it on a whole grain roll and add dried fruits for dessert.

What Are The Energy Foods?

Foods, that give you energy, include:

1. Fruits

2. Vegetables

3. Protein

4. Milk Products

5. Carbohydrates

Plan your meals around these nutritious high energy foods.

What Are The Right Fruits For Energy?

The fruits, that provide you good high energy, contain apples, bananas, apricots and citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruit. It’s appropriate to eat these fruits fresh. If you are purchasing canned fruit, insure that there is no-added salt and sugar.

What Vegetables Are Good High Energy Foods?

Eggplant is a good high energy food. Eggplant is popular in Europe. You might bake eggplant and top it with cheese and spaghetti sauce.

Other good high energy vegetables include broccoli and asparagus. You can steam them with some spices for a great side dish.

What about Milk Products and Protein?

Low-Fat yogurt and cheese are healthy high energy foods. Combine fruit with low-fat yogurt for a great snack. Have some cheese and crackers to round out your morning and afternoon break.

To give you high energy, you can consume foods like tuna and salmon. Tuna is complete out of the can. You can bake salmon for a high energy dinner.

What Carbohydrates Ought You Eat?

For carbohydrates, kidney beans and pumpkin seeds can give you good high energy. You can have chili that contains kidney beans. You may snack on a number of pumpkin seeds.

While Training, What Can You Do?

When you are training for body building, you could incur the most energy, if you:

1. Don’t overeat – too much food can make you tired and sleepy,

2. Feed on foods to add muscle, without the fat,

3. Bring more protein to your diet, while decreasing your body fat and sugar intake, and

4. Consume six meals a day, spaced two to three hours apart. This way, you are never hungry.

You will feel great, when you do your body building workouts.

You Can Do It!

You can eat the foods that give you good high energy. You might end the headaches and your protein deficiency. You can also end feeling weak and your iron deficiency. You can begin to concentrate on your training and have good body building workouts.

Good Luck with Your Body Building Workouts!

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