How To Avoid The Branding Of Drug Abusers

August 19, 2012 0 Comments

Drug personalities or addicting personalities are artificial. How does a person end the deception, ingratitude, lying, and the drug seeking behavior? How does an individual shed the alcoholic or addicted brand for life? An intelligent examination of the situation will show that the drug personalities and the “alcoholic” or “addict” labels are synthetic; they are not natural conditions.

Einstein once said the kind of thinking that developed the problem is diverse from the sort of thinking that’s required to solve it. Simply put, alcohol and drug abusers need to gain innovative ways of thinking, new abilities and skills through addiction treatment – and have these now reside in themselves, as a way to stay happy, sober, and clean with their new lives.

Training these people to gain new abilities and develop new talents is the route to independence. It is also how you can end an individual’s addiction.

There are a number of approaches to alcohol and drug treatment:

• The typical approach is the traditional counseling or medical method in addition to the 12-Step approach. This believes that once you are a drug addict, you will always remain an addict. The only way to take care of your addiction is through meetings, on-going counseling, medication, and some unspoken miracle because this approach has a success rate of less than 22%. While counseling and medications are necessary, we do not believe addiction to be a life sentence. Probably the labeling of alcohol and drug abusers as “alcoholics” and “addicts” explains why more people do not flock to traditional treatment. Alcohol and drug users do not want to recognize the “alcoholic” or “addict” label.

• Another more practical approach is where a person enhances their abilities and skills to have the ability to living a satisfying life without using alcohol or drugs. Climbing above it is the most desired strategy – this technique is real, it does exist. They need help attaining improvements because this level of ability is situated above their ability.

If you do not want your significant other to be dependent on medications, advisors, or other healthcare professionals for the remainder of their existence, this is the best time to discard those beliefs that say, “They must be dependent on others,” simply because that is most likely why many alcohol and drug abusers resist addiction recovery.

The essential question an individual asks when choosing a strategy to end a drug or alcohol abusing pattern is, “What is possible to modify this behavior?” The decision pursues the question. This may be totally simplistic, but this is not the standard pattern of question & answer that follows almost all people’s reasoning. Loved ones often search for available plans after which they fit their loved one right into the system, expecting that it will cure them. That is not the way it works.

Counselors and support systems may be crutches. Several support systems in fact enforce false conditions of drug dependency, although a lot of the right and bonding actions taken are useful. What alcohol and drug users need are new skills, capabilities, and the confidence to stop drug and alcohol dependency, fulfill their dreams, and succeed in life. They must eliminate their addicting personality and artificial labels.

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