How To Benefit From A Pedometer

July 25, 2012 0 Comments

By Gordon Zwillenberg

The most used tool for walkers and runners. The pedometer has helped athletes to maintain or excel their program. It’s a tool that numerous fitness trainers could not do without. The Pedometer could aid you, too.

What Is A Pedometer?

A Pedometer is a device that counts each step a person makes. They could be either portable or electric. Generally, the Pedometer is attached to your belt and could be worn all day.

Your distance varies, as that everyone uses different steps. Everyone has a different step, when they walk. If you want to calculate the distance traveled, you can multiply the number of steps (from the pedometer) by your average step length.

For an active lifestyle and to lose weight, you need to walk a minimum total of 10,000 steps per day. This is identical to five miles. Walking may aid in training for a walking event or the next fun run.

How Is It A Motivational Tool?

The Pedometer has helped in motivating both athletes and people who needed to lose weight. The motivational tool enters the daily step count and your heart rate. A calendar keeps a record of your daily activities.

Walking increases your physical activity, reduces your blood pressure levels and Body Mass Index. Walking may get you started on losing weight. A Pedometer can help you to compete with yourself to do more steps, everyday.

How Do Pedometers Work?

Pedometers use a mechanical sensor to detect your walking and other movements. They use software to count the steps. This way, a Pedometer can also give an accurate reading of your walk at the end of the day.

How Can You Buy A Pedometer?

There are several factors to consider, when purchasing a Pedometer. They include:

1. The Kind of Pedometer – This comprises of the accelerator (most accurate), coiled spring mechanism or hair spring mechanism. The accelerator is being used more everyday.

2. Where To Wear It – A Pedometer can be worn anywhere. They are small and comfortable. You can purchase a pocket Pedometer or a wear anywhere model.

So, when you go to purchase a Pedometer, you need to be familiar with the kind you want and where you would like to wear it.

What Else Should You Consider?

When you obtain a Pedometer, you could also consider:

1. The Readings That You Want. Typically, the total daily steps are used. You can also track your workouts.

2. Any additional features that you might like, including:

– Clock or additional watch

– Stop Watch can record your speed work, running time and street walking time.

– Pulse Monitor – reads your heart rate. You can see how fast your heart rate gets, when you work out.

– Calories Burned Estimate – This is great for people who want to lose weight. You might find out how many calories you are expending, during your walk.

3. You can upload your data to your computer or cell phone app. This way, you can receive a continuous record of your progress.

What Devices Have Pedometers?

You might observe Pedometers on the Apple IPod Nano, the Niki and iPod Sports Kit. You could also come across Pedometers on the Nokia 5500 Sports Phone and Sports Tracker.

On the Fit Bit Model, you can:

– count the steps,

– have a display showing distance traveled,

– indicate any hills climbed,

– show calories burned,

– render your current intensity, and

– Contain a display to show the time of day.

You Could Do It!

Used for counting your steps, a Pedometer could lend a hand to motivate your running and walking. You can run better and faster. With these exercises, you can lose weight.

Good Luck with Your Weight Loss Program!

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