How To Find The Best Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Program

August 16, 2012 0 Comments

Alcoholism has become a major problem in our society these days. It has harmful effects on our health and is the third leading cause of lifestyle-related illnesses in America, according to the Center for Disease Control. It causes problems on human relationships and challenges not only to the person affected but to the family members as well.

The sooner the patients seek help, the greater are the chances of recovery. Finding an appropriate alcohol treatment program for the patient requires these simple steps.

1. Seek medical advice. An advice from your trusted doctor about the best local inpatient alcohol treatment centers available would be helpful. A treatment program recommended by a physician, therapist or healthcare provider would give you confidence on the program offered by the center.

2. Pick a center that deals with dual diagnosis if you are suffering from alcohol addiction and a mental problem. You would have a greater chance of recovery if both symptoms are treated simultaneously.

3. Inquire from a local hospital if they offer alcohol treatment programs if you have a special case that needs close supervision and monitoring. Severe cases of alcohol addiction need hospitalization for thorough patient appraisal.

4. Inquire from your alcohol rehab of choice if they’re still accepting patients for admission. Don’t give up if they will close their doors on you. Ask them if they could recommend another option for you.

5. Ask your insurance about the financial assistance you can get through them. Ask if they would cover the expense of alcohol therapy. You can consider going to a public alcohol rehab in case there’ll be inappropriate treatment coverage from your insurance.

6. You can find the number of alcohol rehabilitation centers in the telephone directory under “Alcoholism”. There are many rehabilitation facilities you can consider. Call them and ask about the treatment plans they can offer.

7. You can also browse the website of the National Council on Alcohol and drug dependence for a list of all the local inpatient programs online.

8. If you can’t decide which alcohol treatment programs will be appropriate for you. Ask a relative, a friend or a medical practitioner to help you select the treatment that will suit your needs.

9. You can enroll on a treatment plan even without a referral from a physician. If you need help and you have chosen an appropriate program, you can immediately sign up.

10. After completing the inpatient treatment plan, you need an ongoing support to sustain you in your recovery. Joining a support group like Alcoholic Anonymous would be very helpful.

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