How to Keep Losing Weight

August 2, 2012 0 Comments

By Gordon Zwillenberg

It’s hard to lose weight. Every so often, losing weight is a day-by-day struggle. To help you, the following suggestions might make this a lot easier.

What Can You Do, Before You Start?

Before you start, you need to set a weight loss goal. How much weight do you want to lose? Let’s say, you need to lose thirty pounds. Then, figure roughly a pound a week. Your weight loss goal may be to lose the weight in eight months.

Many weight loss programs claim that you could lose a lot of weight in a short time period. You may lose five to ten pounds initially. After that, you can set your weight loss goal at about one to two pounds a week.

What If You Get Hungry All The Time?

If you are on a liquid diet or a fast weight loss diet, you could be getting headaches and are hungry all the time. The diets don’t happen as expected, as you will gain the weight back, when the diet is over.

You need a diet, where you are not hungry. By consuming more fruits and vegetables, you could get “that full” feeling. You won’t be hungry all day.

Why Should You Cook At Home?

By cooking at home, you may restrict how much you eat and the quality of the food you eat. Restaurants yield larger portions and the meals have salt and unhealthy fats. If you eat out a lot, you could gain weight.

You can plan your meals for the week. On Sunday, you could cook your Monday to Friday dinners. Dinner is will be ready, when you come home from work.

What Healthy Lifestyle Changes Have You Make?

For a Healthy Lifestyle, you could:

1. Get plenty of sleep. You need eight hours of sleep each night. A lack of sleep may bring about overeating and weight gain. You need about eight hours of sleep every night.

2. Don’t watch the television or play on the computer, while you are eating. You will eat more; than, if you sat down for dinner.

3. Start off exercising. Even a little walking may aid your weight loss goal. Even exercising seems like fun, when you are doing it with a group. You can walk with a group at the mall.

4. Stay positive. You can keep losing the weight.

By being positive, you will be losing the weight.

What Could Fiber Do for Me?

Foods high in fiber take longer to digest and keep you full longer. You may get fiber in:

– Fruits and vegetables like berries, apples and plums. Green vegetables are also good sources of fiber,

– beans like black beans, lentils and pinto beans, and

– Whole grains found in whole wheat bread, bran muffins and whole wheat pasta.

If you find that you are not getting enough fiber, you might need to add a fiber supplement to your diet. These supplements are available over the counter.

What Can You Do To Lighten Your Foods?

To reduce your caloric intake, try buying light or low fat versions of your favorite foods for your diet. Milk and sour cream offer reduced calorie versions. You can still lose weight, with the foods you love.

What Is a Food Diary?

A food diary is where you show all the foods that you eat. By knowing this, you might modify your food plan or diet per your necessities. The Food Diary helps you to notice, you are responsible for what you eat.

You can keep a food diary for a week. This way, you will get a good start on your diet.

You Could Do It, Too!

By following a few tips, you could lose weight a lot easier. You could specify a weight loss goal, cook at home and keep a food diary.

Good Luck with Your Weight Loss!

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