How To Lose Weight At The Supermarket

August 11, 2012 0 Comments

By Gordon Zwillenberg

Supermarkets are known for selling foods with high sugar and high salt. These are two key ingredients that keep you from losing weight. In the last few years, supermarkets have been stocking more healthy food items. You can buy those healthy foods to lose weight and save money, too!

How Can You Plan Your Trip?

When going to the Supermarket, you need to know what you want. You can plan for a weekly budget to include one to two trips to the supermarket. The two trips include:

1. Get most of the items for the week. This includes the detergents and the pet food.

2. Buy the needed fruits and vegetables and the other items. You could buy foods without the high sugar and high salt. In the summer, some fruits do not last the full week. Another trip to the supermarket guarantees fresh fruit for the entire week.

Plan your meals for the week. You could avoid procuring the high sugar treats. As a single person, you could fix one meal for six days and soup for six to eight days. This way, you know what you will be eating and you can lose weight.

How May You Develop A List?

Your list comprises of:

1. Your list ingredients for dinner and lunch. You may have a few of the ingredients in your pantry,

2. Fruit and vegetables for work and school are low calorie and low fat,

3. Bread, mayonnaise and meat for sandwiches. You can use the canned chicken and tuna,

4. Pet Food – They are part of the family, too, and

5. Any household cleaning products including laundry detergent, steel wool pads, etc.

A list takes time to develop. You might not list everything the 1st time. Overtime, you will recall any forgotten items. The list will become more simple to develop.

Why Should You Develop A List?

A list will show you what you really need for the week. You could spot what extras to cut out to lose weight. A list can help you to save money at the super market.

When Should You Not Travel To The Supermarket?

You must not go to the supermarket:

1. When You Are Hungry – With hunger, you could be tempted to dine on the wrong foods. Fried chicken and French fries look good, when you are hungry. You are more likely to eat the high sugar and high salt foods.

2. When You Are Tired – You are eating foods to stay awake. Try to go grocery shopping, when you feel well.

3. Eat Before You Go – You will be ready to shop for healthy foods to help you lose weight. You won’t buy and consume the high sugar snacks.

What Are Some Particular Grocery Shopping Tips?

When you are at the supermarket, you could follow your list. Some other tips contain:

1. Shop the perimeter first. The fruits and vegetables, meats, dairy products and bakery are all along the walls of the store. This is where you will get all the fresh products and about all of the items on your food list.

2. Many foods consist of high salt, including processed foods, frozen meals, canned products and some baked goods. High salt might prevent you from losing weight.

3. Watch the labels. Just because it’s low fat, does not mean that it is low calorie. Some low-fat items have more calories than the regular items.

4. Consider the sales. Find the produce that is on sale. You may plan your meals around the sale items.

5. Look for books that can help you to lose weight. Low calorie crock pot meals and diet books can give you ideas for future meals.

6. Weight Loss and Diet Magazines contain both low-calorie and low-fat recipes and an exercise program. You may read how other people have lost weight. You can even write to the magazine for more ideas.

You Can Do It!

You can save money at the supermarket. By making a list and by following a few tips, you could purchase low fat and low calorie foods to lose weight. You can eliminate the high salt and high sugar foods. You can lose weight, too!

Good Luck!

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