How To Lose Weight With Table Tennis

July 19, 2012 0 Comments

By Gordon Zwillenberg

Table Tennis is a popular sport. The game is played in countless homes. You could see it in resorts, hotels and apartments. You can even lose weight playing the game.

What Are The Advantages?

You have many advantages, when playing Table Tennis. They include:

1. You are always standing, your body is not at rest,

2. Quick Eye and Hand Movements – You have to watch the ball and then you have to hit it, very fast.

3. Anyone can play the game – No matter how big or old you are. Many senior citizens play table tennis.

What Do You Need?

You need the following to play Table Tennis:

1. The Table Tennis Table – The table has a green top. A little fence divides the two opposing sides. Also, the table contains the white stripes that are standard for the game.

2. Two Paddles – One for each player, and

3. Plastic Hollow Balls – They travel fast, when hit.

How Do You Start Table Tennis?

To start table tennis, you want to determine which player will serve first. Usually, the older or prettier player goes first. The game is just eleven points.

Each player has at least two serves. The ball must bounce over the net. When returning a serve, the ball must bounce on the server’s side, at least once.

What about Doubles?

With doubles, you have a team of two players, playing on each side. Each player has a corner of the table. They are responsible for their side.

With doubles, each player still has two serves. The ball should bounce on his half of the table, in order to play. Players must stay on their corner. They can’t proceed side-to-side during play.

What Other Rules Are Important?

Two important rules include:

1. You score a point, if you have the ball in play, longer than your opponent.

2. A game is eleven points. After the game is done, switch sides with your opponent and begin again.

What Else, Should You Do?

In playing Table Tennis, you could:

1. Place your eyes on your opponent’s racket, when receiving a serve. You will have heads up on where the ball will be returned to.

2. Mix-Up your returns, when receiving. Keep your opponent guessing and on his toes.

3. Mix-Up your serves. Your opponent has to move around. He/She makes a mistake, and you have a point.

4. Check Your Temper, it is only a game. Try to be a good sport, no matter how good or bad, the game is going. By controlling your temper, you will have fun and be a better player, too. Never give up, constantly try a different approach till the game is over.

How Old Is Table Tennis?

Table Tennis was invented around 1884 in England. In 1901, England had two rival organizations. They were:

– Table Tennis Association

– Ping Pong Association

Today, the game is table tennis. European players have become involved with table tennis, too.

How Could You Lose Weight?

You might lose weight with Table Tennis. As a player, you are standing up and moving around. You are burning body fat.

You could also cross train with more sports. Walking and Cycling can complement Table Tennis. You can have fun with walking and cycling and lose weight, too!

You Can Do It!

Merely set up a table and get out the paddle and balls. You are all set to play. Table Tennis is a game that everyone could be fond of. You might also lose weight with Table Tennis.

Good Luck!

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