How To Recover From Alcohol Addiction

July 12, 2012 0 Comments

Alcohol addiction means having harmful or destructive drinking practices, like drinking alcohol each day or drinking too much at any given time. Addiction to alcohol may damage your family relationships, cause you to miss work, and result in legal issues such as driving while you are drunk (intoxicated). If you are dependent on alcohol, you will continue to drink even though you know your drinking is causing problems.

If you keep on being addicted to alcohol, it can lead to alcohol dependence. Alcohol dependence is also called alcoholism. You may be physically or psychologically addicted to alcohol. You have a strong need, or urge, to drink alcohol. You feel that you must drink in order to get by.

Alcohol addiction is a long-term (chronic) disease. It is not a lack of strength or a lack of willpower. Like some other diseases, it has a course which can be predicted, includes known symptoms, and is influenced by your genetics and your life condition. Alcohol addiction is mostly a major problem and something that needs to be addressed. Preferably a drinking disorder should be addressed as soon as possible, the sooner you address the simpler it’ll be to treat. Unfortunately most people don’t understand that they have got a disorder until it’s become serious. Understanding the signs of a drinking problem can enable you to identify the symptoms and ideally find help early enough so that you can beat your addiction to alcohol without too much difficult.

The symptoms of alcohol addiction are occasionally not easily recognized, specially in ourselves. The symptoms that you need to look for may include strong urges to drink alcohol or a lack of ability to limit the amount that you just take. An increased tolerance to alcohol is another important warning sign, if you have to drink more than you used to in order to get drunk you have an alcohol problem. If you’re experiencing various withdrawal symptoms such as shakes or nausea you probably have a problem with alcohol addiction.

Anyone looking for help for addiction to alcohol need to understand that there’s a difference between alcohol addiction and alcohol abuse, even though they are generally related. An addiction is usually a compulsive need to consume alcohol whereas abuse occurs when drinking creates problems in your life. The abuse might be a result of an addiction however it isn’t the same thing, you may abuse alcohol without getting addicted.

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