How To Take The Agony Out Of Dieting

August 24, 2012 0 Comments

By Winston Takeda

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, then you know it’s essential to have a decent diet. That means to some extent you’ve got to cut back on your eating. Unless you are in training for a triathlon, it’s hard to lose weight by exercise alone. There’s one big problem with this. Eating feels good. It provides not only nutrition, but lots of secondary emotional benefits, many of them unconscious. And feeling hungry is awful. It only takes an hour or two of hunger before even the strongest wills are broken. If you are going to succeed at losing weight, you need to make dieting easy. There’s no two ways about it.

The first idea is to never cut anything out completely. This is a recipe for disaster. Give yourself a cheating day every couple of weeks. So long as you don’t eat that food that you know is bad for you most of the time, you’ll do OK. For example, if fried chicken is your big weakness, don’t swear it off completely. Give yourself two meals a month to eat some fried chicken. That way, you’ll never have to wait more than a couple weeks to eat your favorite meal. You can also use this as a good method to reward yourself when you’ve done something good.

Substitution is a great way to ease off your favorite foods without going crazy. Using the example above, fried chicken can be substituted with baked chicken. You can even use some low carbohydrate batter to make it taste pretty close to fried. That way, while you won’t get the same benefits, it will still taste pretty good. And the longer you use the substitute, the more you’ll grow to like it just like the original.

Naturally, if you are going for weight loss, exercise can help. Go on walks, do some light stretching, anything to do to keep moving. The good news is you don’t really need to do a lot to get lasting results. Just twenty minutes of brisk walking three or four times a week is enough to help.

Desserts can be hard to give up. But there are plenty of ways to give yourself that same tasty treat without giving yourself all those calories. For example, you can take some low carbohydrate protein powder, in your favorite flavor, and make a frozen shake. It tastes just like ice cream, but it doesn’t have any of the fats or carbs.

Adding flavor to water can be a great way to fill up. It’s long been recognized that drinking a big glass of water before meals can help you to eat less. The problem is that water isn’t exactly the most delicious drink you can choose. The solution is to put a small amount of flavoring in there. A couple shots of lemon juice into a gallon of water can make it tasty enough to drink.

Whenever you hit a weight loss goal, it’s important to reward yourself. And I don’t mean giving yourself a high five in the mirror, nor do I mean celebrating by gaining it all back. Do something completely selfish and enjoyable, but try not to involve food. Get a massage, see that goofy movie you’ve been looking at, or take a day off work and watch your favorite TV shows.

When you take the time to make it easy, weight loss really isn’t so hard. You just have to give yourself time, and reward yourself when you achieve good results.

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