How To Use A Bench Press Shirt

June 29, 2012 0 Comments

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It seems that bench-press shirts have become very popular in the last two years and the simple reason is that they can work to increase your max. But they can only work if the correct technique and the correct shirt is used. There are many different factors that one needs to consider when using a bench-press shirt.

Experts will tell you that the most important thing is getting your technique done correctly when using a bench-press shirt. The elbows are vitally important when using a bench-press suit and that means you need to develop the technique of tucking your elbows in when you bring the bar down.

One can start with the normal wide spread of your elbows like when doing a raw bench-press but the most important thing about using the correct technique when wearing a shirt is to bring your elbows into your sides as the bar drops down. This is something that needs practice and time will show that it is worth all the effort.

Another vitally important aspect when using a bench-press shirt is the “arch”. This means sticking your crouch up when the bar comes down. This is vital as the using a shirt will enable you to use other supporting muscles in order to get the weight controlled correctly.

In fact the extent of your ability to “arch” correctly will dictate the type of bench-press shirt that you eventually buy for yourself. The purchase of your own bench-press shirt needs to be something that is specific for you and your style or form of training. It also needs to fit perfectly and that means that you will more than likely have to send it back to be re-fitted for you if you do not get it right when you purchase it the first time.

There are different kinds of bench-press shirts on the market and they should be looked at with your specific bench-press style in mind. For example if you are a beginner who can bench up to 230 pounds you should look at buying an Inzer Blast.

The problem is that you will need to use this bench-press shirt with caution as not only should it only be used once a month on your extra heavy days but you will not get the massive gains seen by the purchase of more advanced bench-press shirts.

Before buying your own bench-press shirt it is strongly advised that you do a little research and also train once or twice in a bench-press shirt and see whether you think it will be able to help you if you get the technique done correctly.

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