How To Walk For A Cause

August 21, 2012 0 Comments

By Gordon Zwillenberg

It’s a great way to raise money and a fun day for everyone. A Walk for a Cause brings people together for an event. You may have thousands of people walking for the cause. How can you get involved?

Step 1 – Assign an Event

There are many Walks for a Cause, the most popular are:

1. The Race for The Cure – This race -walk funds breast cancer research. Participants wear a pink ribbon and other pink clothing for the event. Cancer survivors also do the walk. This nationwide walk attracts a lot of people.

2. The Memory Walk – This walk funds research for Alzheimer’s. Many families have been afflicted with this disease.

3. The Heart Walk. Walking and Running are healthy ways to lower your cholesterol and weight. The Heart Walk may stress healthy eating and exercise.

4. The MS Challenge Walk. The challenge is a fifty mile, three day walk. Around the country, you could encounter shorter walks from five kilometers (3.1 miles) to ten kilometers (6.2 miles).

There are plenty of causes to choose from. You can check the internet, if you want to do something special.

Step 2 – Set a Goal

Once you have selected your walk for a cause, you need to train for that distance. Let’s say for one race, the walk is for six miles. You will have to train to walk those six miles.

At a lot of walking events, the walk is usually a little faster. You need to train for a brisk walk – to keep up with everyone. So, you need to train for a fast six miles.

Step 3 – What Do You Need?

To participate for a walking event, you will want the following:

1. Walking Shoes – be absolutely sure that your shoes are comfortable and that they fit you. The shoes should be made for concrete and asphalt paving. Shoes are imperative. An uncomfortable pair can make it a long walk.

2. Shorts or Pants – Dress for the weather. Wear comfortable clothing, as these walks may be at any time of the year.

3. T-Shirt. Most likely, the Walk for a Cause will issue the T-Shirt. Many walkers display their own T-Shirt from other walks or events. You will need a T-Shirt, when you do the walk.

4. Cap and Glasses. You will need to protect your eyes and head from the sun. Most of the time, the walk will be on a sunny day.

You may need more equipment; but, you can determine that later on. This basic equipment will get you going.

Sept Four – Start Your Fitness Training

With your fitness training, you can try walking every day. You can train to do a faster walk in surges. You can even change your route for different days of the week.

After a while, your fitness training could encompass a little walk-run-walk. Run a short distance, and then, you could go back to walking. Your fitness training can help you get adjusted to running.

Eventually, you will become comfortable with your walking distance that you need for your Walk for a Cause. You have done your fitness training; so, you may practise a brisk walk for the entire length. Now, you are primed for the Walk for a Cause.

What Else Should You Do?

You want to stretch, when you are fitness training. Stretch your leg muscles, after each walk. Stretching will lend a hand to prevent muscle spasms.

You Can Do It!

You can Walk for a Cause. You can assign a cause and determine a distance. You can prepare for the walking event.

Good Luck with Your Training!

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