How To Work Together To Achieve A Healthier Working Environment

July 1, 2012 0 Comments

During random surveys taken last year, it was found that most employees have major health risks. This problem does exist world wide. There are many cases of depression, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Employees in general don’t do enough exercise, and a very high percentage of them were at an unhealthy weight.

If you are business owner, the health of your employees should be of utmost importance to you. If they are absent a lot due to ill health, think how the company bottom line will be affected. If you take it upon yourself to look after your employees, they will in return reward you with good work and less absenteeism.

Many of the factors above could be directly related to stress, so employers should aim to reduce stress in the workplace by ensuring that their employees take their due leave, lunch breaks and ensure that the work load is not too great for one person to handle.

Here are some tips for employees who feel they fall into the above category, don’t have a sympathetic boss and want to improve their general health all round.

Try working together as a team. Many voices will make a greater impact and get things moving along a bit faster. Get together with your colleagues, and work together to encourage your company to:

– Subsidize a weight loss program for employees. – Provide programs to help smokers quit. – Subsidize healthy foods in the canteen and in all the vending machines. – Offer an on-site wellness program that includes health screening. – Provide a gym or encourage corporate sports teams. – Offer a councilor or health professional to deal with stress in the workplace.

If all else fails, take matters into your own hands and start a walking club during your lunch break. You can socialize with your colleagues and exercise at the same time. It is a proven fact that people who build exercise into their daily routine perform better at their work. They will see a difference in their problem solving abilities, and have more energy to do more.

Encourage your colleagues to get involved in corporate challenges, like fun walks, races, action cricket against other companies. This is a great way to team build with your colleagues, as well as build up good business relationships with other organizations.

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