How Will I Know If My Relative Is Addicted To Heroin

August 14, 2012 0 Comments

Addiction to heroin is a risky disorder that can be fatal. Heroin is a commonly trafficked drug that can be found in nearly every part of the world and can result in destructive effects to users. Concerned family and friends of heroin abusers will be able to find help for them if they are able to realize the signs of such addiction.

Heroin is an opiate drug that is made from some poppy seeds. This is originally created as a replacement to morphine and has the ability to help those who are addicted to alcohol to overcome withdrawal symptoms. Unluckily, heroin is habit forming itself which can result in mental and physical dependence that can develop as an individual uses it consistently.

According to alcohol treatment,addiction treatment,alcohol treatment programs,alcohol treatment,addiction treatment,alcohol treatment programs specialists, addicts use heroin by melting, injecting or smoking it before use. Heroin abuse can be recognized through the presence of drug paraphernalia. Syringes and pipes are usually used by heroin abusers but some use aluminum foil or spoons to melt or heat the medication before they use it. The presence of rolled tubes that can be made from paper money or paper may also suggest heroin addiction. There are heroin users who snort the substance from a flat surface while they use a tube which they place in a nostril.

Individuals who are dependent on heroin will display physical signs and symptoms which include slurred speech, constricted pupils, confusion and drowsiness. Severe symptoms like seizures, slow pulse, blue-tinged nails or skin and loss of consciousness may signal a heroin overdose. When this happens, it is crucial to seek for immediate medical attention because this condition can be deadly.

Changes in behavior may also suggest heroin dependency. A decrease in job or school performance, changes in appearance and abandonment of hobbies that are once loved also signify drug addiction. But, behavioral signs can indicate a lot of things that include stress, new relationships and depression. A lot of alcohol treatment,addiction treatment,alcohol treatment programs,alcohol treatment,addiction treatment,alcohol treatment programs professionals emphasize caution when confronting a drug addict about his changes in behavior as it can be detrimental to accuse an individual without any proof. Indeed, this may cause the accused person to become untrusting and secretive.

When your loved one is abusing medications, it is imperative to verify the truth and give him help as early as possible. Being able to determine the signs and symptoms of heroin addiction may prevent the formation of addiction and save the sufferer’s life. There are available drug rehab centers that employ professionals who will supervise an addict’s condition.

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