How You Can Use An Electric Bicycle?

July 17, 2012 0 Comments

By Gordon Zwillenberg

An electric bicycle can help an older person or child to keep up with the crowd. It may also help a disabled individual to ride their first bike. In addition to an electric motor, accessories are available that can make biking fun!

Why Have An Electric Bike?

An electric bike has a motor that can assist the rider to power the vehicle. The motor kicks into gear, when the bike rider leads to pedal. Even a little press, will get the motor cranked up.

An electric bicycle is ideal for:

1) An older person that still wishes to ride,

2) A child that just wants to be a part of the family activities

3) A disabled individual that may also be missing an arm or a leg.

4) A person with heart disease, where stress is an issue. With minimal pressure to the pedal, this person could also have a great bike ride.

An Electric Bike could supply a great riding experience to many riders that may normally not be able to ride a bicycle. The Electric Bike has brought more people into biking.

Where May You Use the Electric Bike?

You can use the Electric Bike almost anywhere. This includes:

– flat surfaces

– steep hills

– against a strong headwind

– rocky or muddy roads

You need to buy the right motor that suits your needs. A smaller motor can work on flat surfaces including asphalt and concrete pavement. A larger motor will be needed on rocky or muddy roads and when you are riding against a strong headwind.

What about Electric Motors?

Electric motors are easy to install on most bikes. You just need an adjustable wrench and a pair of pliers to tighten the electric motor to the frame. You will need a screwdriver to install the electric wires.

Some electric motors come with a display panel. You can install these display panels on the handlebars of the bicycle. Your display panel can indicate:

a) speed – at the time that the display panel is read,

b) distance traveled – from the start four ride to the current distance,

c) Average speed – from the time you start to the current time.

Display panels could be read in the dark. This makes the display panels readable for the evening hours and cloudy days.

What Battery Do You Need?

Electric Motors use two types of batteries. They include:

1. Nickel Metal Hydride (NMH)

2. Lithium Ion (Li-ion)

The Lithium Ion Battery has a higher capacity and weighs less than the Nickel Metal Hydride Battery. Choose the battery and size that you need.

What Accessories Are Available?

For the Electric Bicycle, you can purchase the following accessories:

1. Rack Mount for the Battery – This case holds and seals the battery in place. This case is securely tied to the bicycle frame.

2. Tail Lights – positioned in the rear of the bicycle. These tail lights will identify your bike in the dark.

3. Bike Light – located in the front of the bicycle. This bike light can help to guide your bike at night through the dark roads and bike paths.

4. The Noisemakers – contain bells, whistles and air horn. Noisemakers can tell the people and car drivers that you are there. With a noisemaker, you can notify your family that you are home.

Are You Prepared For An Electric Bicycle?

With An Electric Bicycle, you get the added boost to pedal your bike. Older people and young children can ride a bike and keep up with the crowd. Disabled individuals, those without an arm or a leg, can ride a bicycle and enjoy the sport.

An electric bike can put more people on a bike for a great ride. Are You Ready?

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