Human Growth Hormone Deficiency Treatment For Both Grown Ups And Children

July 11, 2012 0 Comments

Every place you glance it seems that someone is utilizing Growth hormone and raving about its anti aging, weight loss and anabolic added benefits. Between all the bodybuilders scandals and also the actors giving it a lot of positive feedback no wonder no-one is familiar with what Growth hormone really was manufactured for in the beginning.

The acronym HGH stands for human growth hormone which is known also under its two scientific names Somatotropin if it comes from the human body and Somatropin if it was made in the lab. In the twenties of the last century a doctor realized that it was possible to help children that were suffering from short stature with injections of HGH Harvested from human cadavers. And because it was so scarce it was severely rationed and only given to children with severe deficiency.

However in the eighties a company by the name of Genentech was able to mass produce HGH thus making it readily available for any child that needed it. HGH was such a great success that a lot of children owe their height and strength to it.

According to data gathered from hgh help In the early nineties a doctor by the name of Rudman conducted a study on a number of older adults in which they were given HGH injections to see if it would improve their health. The participants were told to continue with their lives as if nothing had changed; in other words they were told not to change their diet and lifestyle. After few months it was noted that the participants all lost fat and gained muscle. Not only that their skin also became thicker and looked much younger.

After the Rudman study it was only a matter of time before someone got hold of it and started using it off label to lose weight and gain muscle. HGH nowadays is touted as the elixir of youth that could get you to look years younger. HGH was a treatment only known to few and doctors were able to prescribe it without fear of losing their licenses. However this has changed once HGH was involved in scandal after scandal in the NBA, NFL, NHL and the Olympics.

However HGH only became known to most people only after celebrities like Stallone and Susan summers started to openly praise its use. In fact they were giving it credit for helping them maintain their looks and health. Stallone is still in such a great shape that he is still doing action movies even after sixty.

According to the FDA HGH can only be used for HGH deficiency in both children and adults and in people that suffer from wasting due to HIV. As far as they are concerned using it for anything else is considered risky. Abuse of HGH can lead to Acromegaly, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Diabetes and in some cases HGH could cause cancer to spread faster. For more info on the side effects of HGH read more at HGH Help.

HGH treatments are very expensive and are out of the reach of most people. Insurance companies would only pay for it for FDA approved conditions. So if you are only taking it to get rid of few pounds and look younger getting HGH is difficult and illegal. However if you are willing to spend the cash to get it legally all you have to do is go see an endocrinologist who could prove through blood tests that you are HGH deficient which is not hard to do.

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