Ideal Food Products To Put On Muscle

July 22, 2012 0 Comments

By Maria Causley

Aiming to pack on more lean body mass? If so, one thing that you completely must do is look at your diet program. If you do not give the raw materials that your body requires to repair up this lean muscle mass tissue, you won’t be viewing results. It’s really that simple.

You can’t build something from nothing, so diet should be there. So which food products are going to be most ideal for reaching your muscle building objectives? Let’s give you a short run-down of the ideal foodstuff for muscle gain.


When muscle development, steak is a good protein source to consume. Select grass fed types for a much healthier nutritional profile and you’ll get good quality protein, healthy fats, as well as iron, which is necessary to sustain your own energy level.


Another great supply of protein is salmon. Salmon is going to give the amino acids your own muscles need along with the essential fatty acids that will foster a more lean body composition and general health. You should be aiming to eat salmon at least 2 times, if not more often, each week.

Cottage Cheese

The final protein source that’s a must-have muscle development food is cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is a kind of protein referred to as casein, that digests much more slowly in the body. Due to this, it’s a fantastic choice to have before you turn in to bed for the night. By eating this, you make sure your body obtains a steady flow of minerals and vitamins.

Dry Oats

On the carb side of things, you can’t make a mistake with dry oats. When building muscle, since you have greater calorie needs, avoid cooking the oats as they’ll take up a lot of space in the stomach, making it hard to get in adequate calories. Instead, serve them raw like cold cereal or consider mixing them in with your own protein shakes.


Another great carbohydrate source that is considered one of the best foods for muscle gain is the bagel. Bagels are certainly more calorie dense than bread and make for the great post-workout food selections. Consume these to immediately improve your calorie intake by 300-350 calories.

So keep these best foods for muscle gain in mind. When they aren’t part of your diet, begin making them an integral part of it today and visit my website for more information: abdominal exercises

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