Inpatient Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

July 17, 2012 0 Comments

How does substance addiction rehab centre differ from dual diagnosis treatment facilities? They are completely different simply because substance abuse treatment center caters only individuals with alcohol dependency and drug abuse issues, while dual diagnosis facility serves the needs of drug addicts and alcoholics who also have like mental disorders. Dual diagnosis rehab center provides integrated and concurrent treatment approaches to remedy and to cure drug dependency, alcohol dependency and mental disorders.

At present, there are numerous dual diagnosis rehab clinics in the country. Figures show that 53% of junkies suffer from mental illness, while 50% of alcoholics also have mental disorder as well. Figures just show that substance abuse is directly correlated to mental illness. No other facility can cure persons suffering from both substance abuse and mental illness than the dual diagnosis center. Those who are afflicted by both substance abuse and mental illness also have concerns in maintaining psychological and emotional stability. In dual diagnosis and rehab centers, they go through several treatment stages to recuperate from both substance abuse and mental sickness.

What makes dual diagnosis treatment clinics special? These treatment clinics are created to heal people with dual diagnosis problems. People with dual diagnosis problems are those who suffer from mental illness and other health issues like drug abuse, alcohol dependency, sexual addiction and eating addiction. No other rehabilitation centres furnish mixed treatments and rehab programs for people with dual diagnosis concerns. Inside the dual diagnosis treatment facilities, they get customized psychiatric treatment solutions while giving them plenty of time to recuperate from their illnesses.

Dual diagnosis treatment is totally different from drug rehabilitation and treatment for alcoholism because it deals with the overall problems of individuals with dual diagnosis disorders. Drug rehabilitation concentrates on treating the substance abuse issues of drug addicts while inpatient alcohol therapy tackles on the alcoholism issues of alcoholics.

If you know somebody who have both drug addiction and mental disorder problems, then it is best to consider dual diagnosis rehab centers for treatment. In these medical facilities, patients not only obtain mental depression therapy but they will also undergo twelve step recovery system. Dual diagnosis clinic provides substance abuse, alcoholism and psychological treatment in one roof, thereby treating substance abuse and mental illness at its sources. With dual diagnosis treatment, individuals have the chance to escape the chain of substance abuse and mental disorders.

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