Is It Common For Addicts To Display Addictive Personality Disorders

August 18, 2012 0 Comments

The reason why a person can be addicted to substances like heroin or alcohol may not be recognized by everybody. A lot of medical specialists debate that some individuals may have traits which can be the reason they may develop dependence on substances. But others believe that an individual doesn’t have an addictive personality disorder when he is not able to acquire an addiction.

A dependency to substances begins when the person uses them as they feel they have to. A person can be physically or psychologically addicted to substances. When a person who is physiologically addicted to certain drugs, cigarettes or alcohol suddenly quit using them, they are likely to endure the withdrawal stage which may come with some serious symptoms. According to addiction treatment experts, an addicted individual will no longer be able to function normally every day without using the substances. Physical addiction includes taking more amounts of a substance in order to feel the desired effects.

Meanwhile, an individual has psychological addiction when he has an emotional desire or need for a certain substance or the need to do the habit like smoking, gambling or shopping. Typically, the addict craves for an addictive substance and does just whatever it takes to get it. Many addiction recovery experts say that It is likely for addicts to steal or lie to have an access to the medicines or alcohol or be able to shop, smoke or gamble if necessary.

Individuals who believe in the existence of addictive personality disorders claim that those who have the disorders may not be able to manage their behavior and are not able to hold off gratification. Individuals who have these disorders are not aware of the suitable time to stop the use of medications or alcohol or their habit which cause addiction. An addictive personality disorder may also be linked to a person’s inability to handle stress and depression as well as his desire to be accepted by a group of peers.

Those who show antisocial behavior may also have an addictive personality disorder. It is likely for addicts to use a substance or present behaviors in order to prove to some people that they are different. An individual who is dependent on a habit or substance may end up with isolation from family and friends.

According to some people, addiction is unpredictable no matter what traits are displayed by a person. They also believe that a person can develop an addictive personality disorder when he has developed dependence on a certain habit or substance.

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