Is Rehabilitation Not Working? Try A Whole New Strategy For Drug Problems

August 4, 2012 0 Comments

You may have been given prescription drugs to temporarily solve any drug abuse or addiction issues. If you’re still on medications or have relapsed despite going to drug treatment centers, it’s obvious that these additional drugs are certainly not the answer to your addiction.

But what is the remedy to drug exploitation, drug addiction or alcoholism? Could there be only one answer?

Through in depth research done in drug rehabs and detoxification centers, physicians have discovered that there is generally more than one answer. Life threatening conditions where individuals fully surrender to addiction or abuse are very significant problems.

Finding the Best Rehabilitation Program

The right questions are: What will happen if you try to stop? Since when have you been abusing drugs or alcohol? Do you have anything in your life which you could make more appealing other than drugs? How long are you able to stay clean? Do you understand how to function normally without resorting to drugs?

People get stuck into using and abusing drugs and alcohol because they seriously don’t know any better. In the event that they have a better answer to their own problems, they would certainly do that. But all they have is a bottle, a prescribed medication or some drugs to resolve their problems.

Sometimes the solution to getting away from alcohol or drugs is straightforward. When the problem is life threatening or major and if the individual has received numerous attempts at rehabilitation or detox without getting better, then you need to consider picking a different rehab and detoxification program strategy.

Take a very different approach to the style of program or method you have already tried. This means that if the detoxification or rehab program were a psych-based or a form of drug replacement program, you should try out a holistic or an alternative program; if the 12 Step program is always used, try out the personality (Cognitive or Learning) model instead; and if private hospitals were chosen, use home rehabs that has a personal touch.

The notion here is that if your chosen method of detox or rehab has not been working; make use of a different method.

Different Varieties of Rehab Programs

By working with a lot of alternative detox and rehabilitation programs and centers, doctors have found that people were not getting good results with what most believed was the “right” method to rehab and detoxification. They only made advancements in recovery when they had taken a different approach in handling their addiction issues.

This patients’ rehabilitation was dependent on moving away from medications and drugs (that could be a successful method for some). The message is, if a rehabilitation method isn’t working despite sincere efforts, try different drug rehabilitation centers and detox method as a substitute.

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