Is Self-Medication Harmless

August 22, 2012 0 Comments

A lot of individuals feel pain and they don’t let other individuals be aware of their condition. For some reasons, they use alcohol or medicines like methamphetamine, cocaine or heroin to cope with the symptoms. When a person ingests legal and illegal drugs without the right medical guidance, he is practicing self-medication which can be dangerous as the person is not professionally educated about the effects of these medications.

A lot of those who deal with their disorders without seeking professional help have not gone through any formal diagnosis that should be facilitated by a medical expert. In fact, many of them use alternative medications when they don’t feel better with standard drug therapies. Most individuals who self-medicate tend to do so because of the expensiveness of prescription drugs. According to many addiction recovery experts, self-medication is already a kind of addiction although these terms are not really similar.

In the early part of the 1970’s, the theory “self-medication hypothesis” was created suggesting the possibility of individuals who suffer from psychological or physiological disorders to test out different medications until they find relief from a particular drug. For instance, a person who lacks energy or suffers from depression may prefer to practice self-medication using stimulants like nicotine and caffeine. Drugs like Valium or alcohol may make the condition of the client worse so he can be dependent on stimulants based on the “self-medication hypothesis.” The addicted individual may drink three or more cups of strong coffee every morning or snort cocaine to feed the addiction.

Many addiction treatment professionals say that some people self-medicate using central nervous depressants like prescription anti-anxiety medicines or alcohol. There are those who think that they will feel better by using drugs that make them feel relaxed which they might get from moderate alcohol intoxication. Intoxication enables people to release stress and minimize social limitations. They can also feel a calming effect by ingesting barbiturates. Moreover, self-medication can also be possible when a person is able to borrow prescriptions from family members or friends or take more dosages of medicines that can be purchased over the counter.

Self-medication is practiced by some people because of the concerns over the effectiveness and safety of conventional treatment regimens and prescription medications. Some individuals don’t want to let others know about the real nature of their ailment so they prefer to self-medicate. Also, those who can’t access professional healthcare alternatives may turn to self-medication.

Due to the illegal or short-term nature of some medications that people use to self-medicate, a lot of them choose to find another treatment course instead of enduring uncomfortable withdrawals.

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