John Derae tells the secret of stay fit during the COVID-19 times

July 13, 2020 0 Comments

Recent COVID-19 pandemic has hit the world so hard. Even though lock downs and other precautionary measures were taken by the world leaders but still these are not enough. Millions of people found COVID positive. Hundreds of thousands lost their lives. Being a health and fitness blog we are trying our best to play our part in this devastating situation. We have been taking the opinions of corona and fitness experts and sharing it here so that our readers can stay safe during this pandemic.

We have recently got an opportunity to have a conversation with empowerment coach & weight loss specialist John Derae. We have been following him from sometime and noticed his positive intentions and efforts in saving people from the fatal disease. According to him it’s not only staying home but also the fitness level that would play a vital role in the fight against Corona.

Here is the conversation we are talking about, we are sure it will prove to be very useful for you in these dark times.

How to stay fit during the COVID-19 times?

Fitness has been a major engaging activity for many of us.  However, the goal has transitioned during the pandemic from fitness for aesthetics to fitness for health. Everyone is increasingly realizing the value of strengthening the body’s functioning through fitness.

Why is fitness important for health?

If you have a healthy diet and are relatively healthy, then you might be wondering if fitness is really that important? The answer is yes, and here are some reasons why.

– Strengthened immunity especially important to fight off flu

– Improved mood due to the release of endorphins during exercise

– Reduced risk of type 2 diabetes because of balanced blood cholesterol level

– Reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases due to the balancing of blood pressure

How to stay fit during the COVID-19 times? 

The idea is to strengthen your overall body functioning to improve your health (both physical and mental). It is not solely about losing weight or building muscles. The aesthetic aspect of fitness will follow but the main goal is to improve your health. Thus, the key is in gradual and sustained efforts in terms of diet and exercise.

You can begin your fitness journey with moderate exercise for 30 minutes a day. Attempt to incorporate exercise into your routine at least 5 days a week. Increase the duration and the intensity of your workouts slowly for impactful results.

Begin with light stretching to avoid any injuries during the workout. Following this, you can engage in workouts of your choice, such as Cardio, HIIT, Yoga, or Pilates.

During the COVID-19 times, we recommend walking, jogging, and cycling. You can enjoy the fresh air while your body enjoys the health benefits of these simple exercises. Alternatively, you can engage in Cardio or HIIT for a more high-impact workout to get your blood pumping. You can choose the type of workout that you prefer based on your comfort level.

Hence, with its plethora of benefits and the ease with which you can do any of the above-mentioned exercises, fitness can help you in the long run. Fitness is an important component that you must incorporate in your life for your health.

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