Knowing The Factors Involved In Substance Abuse Prevention

August 7, 2012 0 Comments

Substance abuse is a persistent problem of our society. There are campaigns on prevention that aim at educating the community, targeting families as the core beneficiaries. These so-called crusades greatly help in controlling the prevalence of alcohol and drug addiction.

Kinds of Programs

There are programs like Drug Abuse Resistance Program (DARE) that’s intended for school age kids for them to learn the consequences of alcohol and drug addiction. They’re also taught how to resist pressure from peers which tries to lure them into these traps. DARE is very much aware that prevention is better than putting a person in drug treatment. Moreover, the government mandates cigarettes and alcohol suppliers to label their products with warnings on their products’ dangerous effects. Public notices and commercials which promote the prevention of drug abuse are also common.

Aim of Campaign

Campaigns on the prevention of drug abuse are aimed at allowing the society to choose from these programs which are expected to give precise information. The success of a campaign intended for a certain community or group will be determined by their response. Moreover, these programs include providing latest data on health awareness and drug abuse.


The means of communication is a vital measurement in the determination of the effectiveness of any alcohol and drug addiction prevention program. The International Center for Alcohol Policies states that programs that are most achieved are those that deal with sensible possibility, definite goal and offers data ideal for certain age and culture.

Role of the Family

Parents are responsible in educating its members most specifically, the kids. It’s very pivotal in the attainment of drug and alcohol abuse prevention. In addition to this, the Office of National Drug Control Policy stated that such campaigns combined with activities in school, social groups, and religious communities is one way to impact social behaviors.

When to Begin?

There’s no definite starting point to teach, inform or instill consciousness to a person or a community. This is an ongoing process especially to parents who’re encouraged to take the time to discuss with their children all the problems and effects of drug abuse and the various dreadful withdrawal symptoms when a person undergoes therapy conducted by experts of drug treatment programs.

The occurrence of alcohol and drug addiction in our society is persistent. What we are able to do now is adhere to some methods on how to prevent it. Thanks to some concerned people who’re relentless in their advocacy at finding methods on how to help the society cope up with this problem.

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