Learn How To Identify Drug Abuse

July 19, 2012 0 Comments

Drug abuse is one of the most common issues in a lot of big communities. This issue won’t do anything good for the illicit drug user and may even cause him to hurt the individuals around him, too. Thus, you need to know how to identify the indications that a person is utilizing drugs so you can take immediate action for this person.

Change in appearance and behavior

One of the distinct drug abuse symptoms is a change in physical appearance and behavior. An individual who’s addicted to illicit drugs would lack the desire to take care of his or her physical appearance. Thus, you’d suspect drug addiction from a particular person if this individual who once utilized to take good care of how he or she looks has now seemed to not care about his appearance. Men for instance will seem to be unshaven, while women will look as if they have not washed their hair for a long time. In addition to that, an addicted person would also have a sudden change of behavior. Individuals who are typically shy and quiet will suddenly show aggressiveness and irritability, while those who usually are filled with energy will become mellower. People who usually like their privacy, like teenagers, for example will go to extremes to keep their parents or other family members from getting inside their rooms or keep their whereabouts with their close friends a secret from their families and everybody else. These people must understand the important role of drug treatment in helping them recover from their condition.

Health issues

One of the serious drug addiction effects is the development of worsening of an existing health condition. This is because drugs oftentimes work against the body’s immune system and end up damaging the important internal organs of the illicit drug abuser. Drug addiction will cause several types of mental and physical illnesses on the addicted person. The kinds of illnesses which a drug addict will acquire depend on the specific drug that he or she utilizes. In addition, these people also have a high chance of acquiring HIV or hepatitis diseases through the sharing of needle. Oftentimes, the needles that are being utilized are unsterile and can transfer viruses to the blood from one drug abuser to the others. Drugs which are inhaled can also affect the respiratory system and will make breathing difficult. While weight loss and loss of appetite can lead a person to malnutrition, that further leads to more illnesses.

Psychological problems

Drug abusers have a higher tendency to commit suicide than people who don’t abuse any type of substance. This is because the use of illicit drugs can cause one to feel depressed and have feelings of hopelessness. There are drugs which can heighten feelings of despair and thus lead the user to end his life. You should help these addicts by explaining to them the importance of drug treatment programs.

If you know of someone who is utilizing illegal drugs, you need to seek help for this individual immediately before he hurts himself further or other people.

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