Learn The Indications Of Dual Diagnosis

June 10, 2012 0 Comments

When a person suffers from both mental health and drug abuse issues, he will have a dual diagnosis. For most physicians of Dual Diagnosis Treatment, it is often difficult to assess individuals with dual diagnosis. However they will be able to create some assessment skills by understanding important facts about such diagnosis.

In order to create a good assessment plan, medical professionals should get the history of the affected person. This is meant to understand why he acquired both psychological and drug abuse problems. The history should include all kinds of substances that the patient had used since the start. Specialists should also determine if the patient had undertaken remedies in the past and if there is a history of addiction in his family. Also, in terms of the patient’s psychological issue, information on the start of the illness, the period, family history and the effect of the condition must also be obtained.

Doctors must base their diagnosis on certain diagnostic criteria that’s meant for psychological issues and drug abuse. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association can help them recognize the factors that caused both conditions. This particular reference has standards for substance-induced psychological illness and is likely to imply that the patient doesn’t suffer from dual disorders. For example, a patient with mental problem will only demonstrate symptoms when he has taken the substance. Thus, he may not be diagnosed of a different mental psychotic issue.

Observing the patient is necessary to fit him to the best Drug Treatment. The difference between mental health and substance problems can only be determined through observation which must be done in a particular time period. This will not be possible when the clinicians only conduct one interview. The therapy should start with addressing the drug abuse first before the mental issue. When the client has been alcohol free for some time, the physicians will be able to determine if the signs and symptoms are caused by drug abuse or mental problems. With this, they can create a more precise evaluation and diagnosis of the patient.

Nearly all doctors work as a team to make the therapy programs effective. The team may be composed of social workers, psychiatrists, doctors and nurse practitioners. Most of them are educated in both mental disorders and substance abuse. Such education is essential if they will have to prescribe medicines as some medications for psychiatric conditions can be addictive.

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