Learn To Control Early Ejaculation – These Tactics Will Make You Last Longer

July 23, 2012 0 Comments

By Sandi McGarret

It is stated that almost 50 % of all guys have suffered or are suffering right now from premature ejaculation (also known as PE). This means they are arriving at an orgasm long before their loved one and often only minutes after beginning to have intercourse. This can produce a lot of mental anxiety and feelings of low self-esteem and embarrassment. There are a lot of reasons why guys climax prematurely but there are strategies that can offer a permanent remedy without using de-sensitizing creams and sprays.

So let’s have a look at 3 easy tactics you can use to get those sex sessions not just hot – but sizzling!

# 1 – Masturbate before you start

Yes, indeed. It has been well documented that it works and currently many guys swear by this rather simple method. Here is what you ought to do – an hour or so before you expect you are going to make love take time out to masturbate. This has the benefit of releasing a lot of your sexual anxiety and clearing out your system. As a result, your body is significantly desensitized and you can last longer during sex.

# 2 – Decelerate your ejaculatory response.

Re-program yourself to consciously recognize what is going on with sensations in your body and make an effort to hold the climax. For instance, if you find yourself arriving at an orgasm very rapidly during masturbation then bring yourself close to peaking and then slow yourself down or even quit. When the feeling has diminished you can resume stimulation once again. You can keep applying this tactic until you learn to attain better control and have the ability to last longer.

# – 3 Look for a natural training program.

Without any question, the best long-term tactic to avoid premature ejaculation is an ongoing natural training and conditioning program to deal with the psychological and physical tendencies that induce the early response. It’s not going to instantaneous like you would get with creams and sprays but progress can be seen within a few days and will be permanent. Just like anything else, some time and effort is required if you are going to achieve a long lasting solution. But you have to admit, it is worth taking the necessary time to get the incredible sex you have dreamed of … and to give your lover the satisfaction she desires. You owe it to yourself and your beloved companion to seek out the solution and implement it to the fullest extent.

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