Letting Addicts Understand The Importance Of Detoxification

August 3, 2012 0 Comments

Detoxification is a cleansing process. Every individual once in a while needs to detoxify his body from toxins and radicals that have been accumulated by eating unhealthy foods. The cleansing process often involves drinking or taking natural herbs and fruits. The target of detoxifying is cleansing the liver. The human liver is the storehouse of all toxins. In layman’s term, it’s the garbage bin of the body. Too much garbage can pollute the environment and so it’s with our bodies. Because not everyone and everyday that we get to eat healthy foods, a need for detoxification once in a while is important.

The process of detoxification is also applied in treating drug abuse. Drug and alcohol abusers have troubles with withdrawing from addiction because the body has become heavily reliant on the drug or alcohol. When addiction has been deep in an individual, unavailability and inability to take the alcohol or drug leads to difficult or painful physical and emotional feelings. Initial steps of treating drug addiction involves this method because it helps the body not only eliminate those harmful substances from the medicines taken but also charters the body mechanism to get back to normal and free from the effects of the drugs.

The process of detoxification in rehab for drugs usually involves the use of medication to lower down or lessen withdrawal symptoms. For many alcoholics, the most popular medications used for detoxifying a patient are anticonvulsant and benzodiazepines. Withdrawal symptoms associated with heavy alcoholism include headaches, shaking or tremors, vomiting, sweating, lack of appetite, hyperactivity and convulsions. Similar symptoms are also present in drug addiction patients undergoing withdrawal. Detoxification can be done in a treatment facility and at home depending on the program and medication advised by medical experts.

Drug treatment centers offer patients with choices in undergoing drug detox. It should be remembered that the process of detoxification doesn’t guarantee that the abuser will absolutely live and get back to his normal lifestyle. Effective detoxification however, increases that chance of going back to a productive life. Providing correct and honest answers during assessment helps not only the medical staff in a treatment center but also the patient in tailoring an effective treatment program fit for that individual. Continuous care and counseling are also needed to help avoid relapse of the addiction. Abstinence from the alcohol or drug over a long time after treatment often is the indicator that treatment was effective.

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