Living Well Is A Choice We Make – Inspirational Story Of Lucy DelSarto

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Lucy DelSarto will always have the honor of being the first “LIVING WELL” nominee since we launched our new effort to spotlight thriving adults who savor life and are more active, engaged, and plugged in to life. Six different people in the Kansas City area nominated Lucy.

Lucy was introduced to racquetball in 1980 when she was given a membership to a club for a high school graduation gift. She excelled quickly, and was ranked as a top player in the highest women’s division within one year. This began her 30+ year career as a racquetball pro and professional coach.

In 1982 she moved to California to play on the WPRO (women’s pro tour) and was ranked in the Top 16 in the world. During this time Lucy also coached the Stanford University Co-Ed team for four years. Lucy retired from the women’s pro tour in 1991 due to a foot injury, but did not let that slow her down at all.

Lucy was able to return back to the sport in 1998, and after playing a couple of months played in State Tournament and won the Women’s Open Singles title and has held the title ever since. She also competes with the top Men Open players on a weekly basis and in tournaments. Her most recent tournament was the Winter Classic held at The Athletic Club of Overland Park, Kansas. Lucy played in the Men’s 35+ Doubles taking third place with Dan Pflaster, partner and played Mixed A Doubles taking first place (playing with her off-hand…left handed) with Gary Beeman.

“The tournament above was the first time I have every played in a tourney with my left-hand. I wanted to do it as a new challenge and push myself. I don’t think anyone really even expected me to win a game, let alone a match and then the division. I believe in always striving to be your best, be active and push yourself outside of your comfort zones. That I did,” she exclaims.

Lucy was raised in a very competitive and sports minded family. “I feel extremely blessed to have had such wonderful parents and great siblings. This is where my strong foundation was poured with so many wonderful family values and ethics. My top priorities are God, health and family. I feel strongly about health because we can be of little help to others if we don’t take care of ourselves. By embracing the TCOY philosophy (Take Care of You), you are focusing on what you want, good health. I am not, nor was I ever, the best athlete, but I am a dedicated and determined person who will do whatever it takes, whether it be to become a professional athlete or healthy throughout my life. And I absolutely love inspiring, mentoring and coaching others to be the best they can be too.”

In 1999, Lucy began her wellness coaching and in 2004 started her company, TCOY Wellness, which is designed to mentor, educate and coach TOTAL Wellness (head, heart and body) for individuals as well as conduct weekly wellness classes for businesses.

Grace Jaworsky, who nominated Lucy, states, “As a wellness coach, Lucy educates people. Equally important, Lucy embodies the principles that she teaches as she models a healthy active lifestyle.”

Kent Girton says, “She lives it every day of her life through proper diet and exercise. She is a fantastic wellness coach. She does a wonderful job of getting others to understand what wellness can do for them.”

Fred Clarke adds, “She is constantly teaching and inspiring others with wellness coaching and doesn’t teach anything that she doesn’t do. She has a positive attitude and a passion for health and wellness.”

Another nominator, Gina Danner states “Lucy DelSarto is an example of an individual who is living well. Lucy’s attitude is amazing. She is consistently coaching people, even when they aren’t paying her, and she is a constant source of happiness and pure joy. Her light hearted attitude combined with her intense passion brings laughter to everyplace she is. She has been a support to me in reaching my wellness and racquetball goals and is truly one of Kansas City’s shining lights.”

Lili Alt says Lucy has “a positive energy that is contagious!” Debra Hayes thinks, “Lucy embodies the word “wellness.” As a wellness coach, mentor and speaker, she lives and breathes her message. Lucy is a great advocate of what she preaches, as she is always striving for a new ‘personal best,’ not only through her personal wellness and fitness, but also through the time she gives of herself to the community. Examples include recording internet radio shows for New Landings Job Chat, Total Wellness Events, and Tweat the Treat (events that also support our troops overseas).”

Lucy is very active in the Kansas City community and loves giving back to her community. In addition to being involved in church, chamber and other local activities, Lucy created Tweak the Treat annual event and KC Hug Day.

About herself, Lucy states “In short, I am a very passionate person who feels so blessed that God has allowed me to use my talents and skills to help others improve their quality of life…on the racquetball court and in life. Racquetball was simply a venue for me to reach people.

I am writing a book which is about the TCOY Philosophy of Creating the Champion Lifestyle. The same fundamental steps used in learning how to play racquetball apply to life. It’s what I focus a lot of my speaking engagements around as it applies to LIFE in every aspect (from health, relationships, business, etc). A sneak peak into my book:

-Center court positioning (you have to put yourself in the right place)

-Watch the ball (even if you’re in the right place, you’ll get run over or passed up if you don’t move with the action going on)

-Racquet up (set up, be prepared…knowledge is powerful, be ready for opportunity)

-Take Action (don’t over think things and get paralyzed in making a choice, take action)

-Follow Thru (this is where the rubber meets the road…if you do the first four and not the fifth, you won’t succeed…you must follow-thru to get results)

Yes, I’m happy to say I turned 50 in June and I am still playing top-notch racquetball, healthier than ever mentally and physically. TCOY is not just my business name; it’s my philosophy and way of life.

Says Josh Cates, CEO of Living Well, “I had the pleasure of meeting Lucy at the Kansas City launch party. I can attest to her infectious enthusiasm. Lucy is a great start to our effort to promote and spotlight people in our communities who are ‘living well.'”

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