Lower Left Back Pain – 10 Major Causes

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By Mark Green

In recent times, lower back pain on the left side has grown to be a common issue to most of us. However, it is rather difficult for doctors to find the specific factors behind lower back pain in the left side due to the fact there are various reasons behind this pain. Typically, even after numerous evaluation , medical professionals find it difficult to identify the actual reason behind your pain on the lower left side of the back.

By learning the general causes , it is possible to basically discover a cure for the lower left back pain . The usual symptoms of lower back pain range from a dull aching to sharp painful sensation at the lower back, that makes it challenging to stand straight and walk around .

If the back pain builds up for over three months, it is recognized as being chronic. It is vital to talk to a doctor if the low back pains lasts consistently for 3 days. The following are the top ten causes of left lower back pain in no specified order.

1. Renal Lithiasis (Kidney Stones)

Kidney stone is the common reason behind pain on the lower left side of the back . Several common symptoms usually helpful to detect kidney stones involve difficulties with urination and some blood in the urine . Common urine test can be carried out to see whether you are actually affected by kidney stones . As soon as they are found , they are simple to successfully treat . Daily diet almost always plays a considerable part in the development of kidney stones .

2. Gastrointestinal Disorders

Another reason of lower back pain in the left side is intestinal and stomach problems . Painful sensation that is caused by digestive problems is intermittent , it is often experienced at a few times of the day as well as after taking some foods . Although , the reason for these kinds of disorders could possibly be an imbalance of the muscle encompassing the abdomen and lower back . Treating this imbalance , take care of both the gastrointestinal disorders , along with the back pain on the lower left side .

3. Back and Spine Ailments

Issues with the spinal cord is another typical trigger of low back pain on the left side . These complications might possibly vary from misalignment to herniated discs . Spinal complications can be corrected by surgical treatment , physiotherapy , medication and also chiropractic adjustment .

Treatment of spinal and back ailments may or may not relieve the pain on the lower left side of the back . However , by dealing with the reason behind these complications you can cure the serious pain . The main cause of back or spinal problem is muscular imbalance , that can be healed through a number of treatment programs.

4. Injury To Muscle

Many people take part in vigorous work outs that resulted in injuries or maybe tenderness of muscular tissue on their lower back . There are actually medical tests which can be carried out to look for traumas or possibly inflammation of muscle tissue . The intense workout routines could also lead to a pinched nerve or perhaps compression along the spine area . This would result in a ton of pain in the low back . If this sounds like the root cause of the back pain on the lower left side , right diagnosis by the physician will certainly lead to effective treatment procedures .

5. Injury from Fall Or Sports

For acute low back pain after a fall or trauma sustained from physical activities , it is essential to seek the advice of a medical doctor without delay . The back pain might not be overbearing immediately following the injuries or fall . Though , any time it happens to be preceded by symptoms such as fever , lack of strength of your legs , and diminished bladder or bowel control , it is very important to speak to your doctor immediately .

6. Sciatic Nerve Compression

Lower back pain in the left side might be as a result of muscle tissue strain attributable to excess training or just lifting heavy objects . Sciatica pain is an ailment where the muscle strain is way too much that it bulges or ruptures a disc on the spinal column . The ruptured disc after that presses on the sciatic nerve which in turn causes pain on your lower back .

7. Job Or Bag

In cases where your work includes carrying around heavy stuff or a large bag , you are more prone to have pain on your lower left back side . Although you often carry the bag on the shoulder , your back is the one that provides support for the upper body . Carrying large things will stress muscular areas on your back hence the pains

8. Healthy posture

Our lower backs hold up our body weight best when we are seated or stand straight. Maintain the best posture while you are sitting or standing upright to protect against lower back pain on the left side.

9. Overweight

Our lower backs hold up almost all our body weight , and the more we are overweight , the greater the possibilities of experiencing pain on your lower left back side .

10. Inflammation of Spinal Joints

Spondylitis is a chronic ailment of back pain a result of extreme inflammation of spinal joints .

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