Making Quick And Healthy Snacks Look More Appealing Than Junk Food

July 15, 2012 0 Comments

By Janice J. Routt

It can be a struggle to find the best healthy snacks for children without investing heavily in them and having them decide they don’t like them. Most children would rather eat something they recognize than a strange new food, and when it is branded as ‘healthy’ they are even less keen. The right way to approach getting children in to a better diet is to make healthy snack food seem fun with a few tried and tested methods.

The first thing to know about getting children to switch to a more beneficial eating plan is that they already have some preconceived ideas. Identifying foods as good for them will only make a child more determined not to like it, so this should be avoided. The technique is not to tell them they are getting healthy filling snacks but to tell them it is a surprise or a fun treat. Most good snack food can be presented well enough that they will eat first and ask questions later, at which point they’ve accepted that it is delicious.

Another good way to entice children into a new group of quick and healthy snacks is to make them feel a part of the process. Food shopping can be turned into a fun game, especially as many vegetables are brightly colored. One idea is to split the food list and have a race to see who can get the most items, although it may be sensible to limit this to the produce section. All of this effort will pay off when they take a single bite of the sweet healthy snacks and decide they like them.

There are some thought-provoking facts that might also make it easier to get them eating good healthy snacks. For example, most children have much more delicate palates which is why they are more opposed to bitter foods and strong flavors. It may be that a child needs several attempts with a food to fathom and eventually like it. If a child tests something and does not want to eat it, this should be accepted from time to time, to instill a healthy relationship with food. A good rule is that they have to take one bite of each food on their plate and give a reason before they are allowed to leave it.

Just like store shopping can be enjoyable, online shopping for fun snacks for kids can also be turned into a fun exercise. Awaiting the delivery can make the excitement of the food grow, and this can then be turned into a fun activity of opening it and sampling things. There are many online stores that make it quick, easy and fun to find healthy snacks online, so it is worth trying it out.

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