Managing Drug Abuse With Yoga Therapy

August 4, 2012 0 Comments

There are mental health benefits which yoga can provide, particularly for drug addicts during rehabilitation. It is a series of different body positions, rhythmic breathing patterns and meditation poses that’s soothing and calms the body efficiently. The significance of yoga exercise to drug abuse is that it somehow aids in developing a good ambiance which is conducive for effective recovery. Through yoga exercise, the substance abuser may improve personal development in terms of spirituality, relaxation and positive social relationships.


Studies show that yoga has a limited outlet in terms of effectiveness in treating drug addiction. The most effective medical effect which yoga can give to the body is that it reduces anxiety and stress in an individual. For counselors of rehabilitation and drug treatment centers, they have incorporated yoga as one of the effective addiction treatments that may somehow help in the recovery of the patient from addiction. One beneficial role of yoga exercise is to help in the prevention of stress-induced illnesses or diseases. It’s for a fact that stress is one triggering aspect of a disease and if yoga exercise is one treatment to alleviate stress, the individual will have less risk of having physiological diseases.

Further Benefits

Yoga is giving additional benefits when it comes to substance abuse. It mainly helps in the improvement of mental health through reducing anxiety and depression. The effectiveness of this kind of exercise therapy enhances and increases self esteem in the drug abuser. Yoga is also one way to enhance the spiritual aspect of the patient and to look into positive social activity and support groups.

Things to consider

Yoga exercise can only be used to patients who are in the middle or near the recovery state. You can find experts of drug rehabilitation programs who incorporate yoga exercise in their therapy. Yoga may be the last resort for recovery but still it gives health benefits. Yoga exercise is only applicable depending on the severity of the condition of the patient and if the doctor prescribed the said exercise treatment. Yoga is only one strategy in reducing stress and doing it alone can’t promote recovery to addicts. Yoga is incorporated together with the primary interventions like evaluation, detoxification, counseling and aftercare therapy. Taking all these therapy programs will guarantee effective recovery for the patient.

One thing that makes yoga amazing is that it is one therapy exercise that is safe and for everyone to enjoy. Relieving from any forms of stress can be possible with the help of yoga exercise. It can also help those who are suffering from anxiety and depression as one effective alcohol rehab procedure for substance abuse.

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