Massage Treatment And Drug Rehabilitation

July 14, 2012 0 Comments

In some cases, conventional substance addiction treatments do not seem to work for abusers. But alternative treatments like massage therapy can be a great addition as an instrument to help addiction patients overcome their condition. This approach helps him in encouraging detoxification and dealing with withdrawals which are often unpleasant or painful.

As holistic therapy has been accepted, the use of massage treatment to treat drug abuse has become known. Massage stimulates relaxation and healing in an individual’s mind and body by using a mixture of movements and systematic pressure application to manage the soft tissues that results to the cultivation of well-being.

In a lot of drug addiction recovery programs sources, it is stated that there are 12 main energy channels in the body which are likely to be blocked. The energy can be blocked by licensed and qualified therapists by aiding patients to relax and be relieved from inner stress that could develop into anxiety or stress. Such stress is a contributing aspect to substance abuse. As experts in rehab centers apply massage treatment, patients will experience a decreased negativity which prevents the potential of the addict to crave for illegal drugs and other substances.

Usually, the benefits of massage treatment to drug rehabilitation include improved energy, boosted immune system, increased blood flow, relaxed muscles, decreased pain, reduced tension and stress, enhanced digestion, toxin removal and fast healing. When a person obtains sobriety and is undergoing detoxification, they’re likely to experience symptoms like depression, anxiety and headaches. During the treatment, massage works by promoting the detox process as it eliminates body toxins. Also, the process generates endorphins, the natural mood booster of the body.

People who’ve been asking about drug addiction rehab treatments, mostly end up with realizing the usefulness of massage in healing, reducing and avoiding symptoms of drug abuse. Most massage experts believe that there is an association between massage and psychosomatics that indicates the strong link between the mind and body. This philosophy claims that the healing body and mind will result to faster and stronger substance abuse recovery. Often, professional therapists integrate this method into their therapy plans.

Massage remedy offers a positive way for an addict to feel better and give himself the right care. It is an effective way to make a change in his lifestyle to stay away from self-destructive behaviors. For the best results, a weekly massage must be undertaken by the addicted person.

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