Medical Treatment for Bad Breath

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Believe it or not at some point or the other all of us have faced bad breath problems in our lives. It can be Halitosis a more severe case of bad breath or just your morning breath. It always leaves you wondering as to how to get rid of bad breath. At times it can become a cause of embarrassment and also diminishes your self confidence. Although it might appear small or a temporary issue but the results can be quite long lasting damaging your public identity. Paying a visit on a bi-annual basis to your dentist will be a better idea.

After investigation if you’re diagnosed with bad breath problem, then comes the time for the consideration of bad breath treatment which can pertain to the removal of plaque, tartar, cavities and other related gum diseases. All of these constitute in the ever increasing number of bacteria which are always more than happy to find places at the back of your throat, tongue and in between the teeth and gum to hide away and then raise their head at the most inopportune time. Generally breath odor is more connected to what you ate the previous night.

Rarely bad breath is due to some infections in the lungs or gastrointestinal tract. Some health problems, such as sinus infections or diabetes, can also cause bad breath. There are few treatments advised by a good dentist to take care of your dental issues at large helping you to find an effective bad breath remedy.

– Regular check-ups from a good dentist and take advised medication if required.Removal of cavities from the root canals also helps in reducing bad breath problems.
– Removal of tartar (hardened plaque over a period of time) from a good dentist will keep your white pearls shinning.
– Scaling and bleaching of your teeth will ensure no accumulation of plaque at the hidden places.
– Medicated mouth-wash and rinsing agents to keep your mouth clean.
– Make it a habit to brush your teeth after every meal and rinse your mouth with water thoroughly to avoid any hideout of bacteria.
– A mixture of 50% hydrogen peroxide and 50% water can be swished around in the mouth and used as a mouthwash. Hydrogen peroxide can kill many of the bacteria that can cause bad breath.
– Quit smoking as Tar and nicotine can build up on the surface of the teeth, tongue and cheeks. It can also dry the mouth and inhibit saliva flow.
– Consume chlorophyll as a natural breath freshener which is mostly found in leafy green vegetables, best source is parsley.Keep your mouth hydrated as frequent as possible to avoid the multiplication of bacterial growth.
– Celery, carrots and apples are all good options to munch after a meal because these fibrous fruits will help remove any food that’s stuck in your teeth. These foods also stimulate saliva, which is a great detrimental to bacteria.Zinc appears to directly neutralize malodorous sulphur compounds and improve breath. It’s found in several health store mouthwashes as well as some drug store brands.
– Use a tongue scraper, which helps to remove dead cells, food particles and bacteria from the tongue.

By getting down to the root of the problem you can be rest assured to know, “how to cure bad breath”. If you intend to keep your white pearls glowing till your last breath then take a pledge to keep a check on your bad breath and take precautionary actions before it is too late because “It’s better to be SAFE than SORRY”.

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